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Hearts 1 Celtic 0 - well timed before a massive Euro match in Greece!
I suggested to a few friends that Hearts were worth a punt at 5-1 odds mainly because Rodgers choice of team was likely to be a poor one preceding a huge CL quali match in Greece next Wednesday. I was right! He played Griffiths up front but Sparky is not match fit yet and was unsurprisingly below par. McGregor was absolutely "mince" in this  match, unusual by his standards in a changed Hoops' midfield that was generally "flat". Hearts? A good strike by "laughing boy" but the physicality was breathtaking TBF! How many yellow cards did they pick up today!!!??? This is another typical Levein team and he even seems to have found the equivalent of another Christian Nade up front + his log throw expert!!! Thumb down Nobody will ever convince me that this style of footie is ever gonna do anything positive for Scottish footie! But bad news for Harry Potter and Hearts anyway - Berra out for months with what looks like a torn hamstring - a sore one! Lastly I must comment on Hearts' forward/"animal", Steven Naismith - not the first time either! How did this wee nyaff remain on the pitch for the full duration!!? His persistent fouling was diabolical and his late challenge on Hayes must be reviewed by the SFA ref scrutiny panel for further punishent. He eventually received a yellow card for a petulant kick at Simunovic but he should've been sent off well before then - very poor refereeing! But questions will be asked of Rodgers re his choice of team  v a Hearts side that are nowhere near the high level of footie that I'm sure many of their backers think they are playing. I'm wondering when Rodgers last played a fully strong Celtic side v Hearts at Tynecastle although even a semi strong side should beat them/if not absolutely trounce then in most games there!!
That's what happens when you protect players going into a euro tie, its a risky one. We did the same v motherwell to a certain extent last week.

Lafferty and naismith are horrible xxxx,both lucky to stay on the park. But the worst refereeing was letting the game roll on whilst hendry had a bad head knock.

Hertz deserved the win on the balance of play though.
I despise Levein teams Jim - not the style of footie I'll ever watch and the man himself is an utter moron - proved it time n time again! The words "leopard" and "spots" come to mind -well suited to Hearts and that lunatic faction of fans who still "peddle their poison" at Tynecastle!
Yeah i'm not exactly a fan of the beardy weirdy myself. If they played every game with the intensity they play hibs and celtic at they could win the title.
Something else that came out of that game was that 2 hertz players had to come off after getting their feet caught on that surface, berra in particular looked like a knee injury rather than the hamstring potter was talking about. Looked like he had a knee brace on to me!

All that fannying about with the surface might have came back to haunt them.
The "long grass ploy" employed by Potter again eh! It's not illegal but it is still cringeworthy stuff and typical of Levein TBF! The guy's ego borders on utter desperation to be in the spotlight "at all cost". For example, study that practise of growing long grass to gain an advantage. I reckon Potter is currently the only manager to do this!! It says everything re the mentality of such an individual rather than focusing on the positive factors that can be employed in a football sense Mr Negativity personified! He's just a chancer, an opportunist and I'll be delighted when he ends up "flat on his face" at some point.

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