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Another Yemen atrocity by Saudi Arabia - are you watching British govt!?
A whole bus load of kids bombed by a UK supplied military aircraft. This must be classified as a war crime and the British govt is complicit in this disgraceful war violation on a civilian population! How embarrassing and definitely unacceptable. I also hope the Tory govt "shut it" with their lame excuse that they wanna protect jobs in the arms industry!
So it transpires that the UK arms trade has made £4.6B (bbc report) from Saudi Arabia over the past 3 yrs - a few innocent kids (indeed lotsa kids!) being killed by British ordnance is something we can just ignore and forget (not happening within our borders eh!) any condemnation from a complicit UK govt - their reticence is absolutely breathtaking!
I read a little PE article that mentioned there was a swanky annual dinner in London's Grosvenor Hotel last Wednesday that saw MPs wining and dining - compliments of our British arms dealers! The menu was luxurious with lotsa champagne. It then "struck me", "Why should MPs be dining with arms companies while Yemen is starving and in the middle of a huge humanitarian crisis with the British govt and its arms providers complicit in creating this crisis for a quick buck"!!!?? Anyone with a social conscience knows exactly where I'm coming from on this moral dilemma!!
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