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First manager to leave their Premier League job?
Well season starts for real all too soon

Please join in this thread will be fun to look back on, in fact it would be interesting to do one for each division

Jose Mourinho ? Rafa Benitez ? Javi Gracia? Roy Hodgson? Mark Hughes? Marco Silva? Claudio Puel?

Plenty of choice and for different reasons

I`m gonna take a swing on Javi Gracia of Watford, they dont have much patience and if Deeney isnt scoring no-one really else takes up the slack
Puel could be right up there is Leicester struggle early on now that they don't have Mahrez. Likewise, Everton have spent a ton of money and will be expecting a good season so Silva needs a good start to keep the pressure off. Nearer the top end both Emery and Sarri will need to have good starts to keep the wolves at bay.

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