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World Cup 1990
my last look back at past world cups
before i begin thanks guys for the comments and your own memories
so here goes 1990

This one was held in Italy 8th June-8th July
and before i go on-this has to go down as one of the worst EVER held
boring and a lack of goals
zero entertainment
more penalty shoot -outs than any other competition
so i`ll get to it shall i
we had a twat crying his geordie eyes out
a Colombian goalkeeper that was a total **** up
an African striker that thought the corner flag was an excuse to go disco dancing
and a german that should have stuck to diving in the swimming pool

Group A-Italy-Czechoslovakia-USA-Austria
Group B-Argentina-Romania-Cameroon-Soviet Union
Group C-Brazil-Costa Rica-Scotland-Sweden
Group D-West Germany-Yugoslavia-Columbia-United Arab Emirates
Group E-Spain-Belgium-Uruguay-South Korea
Group F-Republic Of Ireland-England-Netherlands-Egypt

From the start this one was not going to be a classic
opening game saw the 1986 winners Argentina against the africans From Cameroon
easy win on paper..however Cameroon had other ideas and decided to hack the Argies off the park
an ugly game full of nasty and bad tempered fouls by the Cameroonians(is that a word?)
after 61 mins Andre-Kana-Biyik gets a red card then 6 minutes later the unthinkable happens
a free kick is played into the Argies penalty box and a downward header by Omam-Biyik creeps over the line and yes the sent off Biyik and the scorer Biyik were brothers
after 89 mins following a shocking foul by Massing on Claudio Caneggia losing his boot in the process Cameroon were down to 9 men
they held on to create one of the w/c major upsets
was it a flash in the pan?...nope Cameroon went on to beat Romania 2-1 and despite a 4-0 drubbing by the Soviet Union
actually won their group
Romania and Argentina also progressed

Same old same old for the Scots
losing 1-0 to Costa Rica
then the crunch game and a must win game against Sweden
Stuart McCall puts the kilts in front after 11 minutes and a Mo Johnston penalty in the 81st minute hands the Scots a 2-1 win
all they need to do is beat Brazil to final make it out of the group
an 81st minute Brazil goal slammed the door on the Scots and as in 74,78,82,86,they were on the plane home

Italy as hosts had a lot to live up to
and against Austria chance after chance went begging so cue
manager Vicini making one of those substitutions he takes off Carnevale and throws on a guy by the name of Schillaci in the 75th min 3 minutes later he powers in a header to give Italy a 1-0 win pretty sure the whole of Italy breathed a sigh of relief
and after a tedious 1-0 against the USA Schillaci was given a start against the Czechs promptly scoring again.
the Czechs beat the USA 5-1 and Austria 1-0 and qualified
West Germany after beating Yugoslavia and the UAE 4-1 and 5-1 and a draw against Columbia made it into the next round they were joined by Yugoslavia and Columbia
Group E saw Spain defeat South Korea 3-1 and Belgium 2-1 to progress also through went Belgium and Uruguay
England?......had the usual hicup
leading after a Lineker goal after 10mins against the Irish a lead that was hardly threatened until the 73rd minute when Kevin Sheedy intercepted a weak England clearance to fire low into the bottom corner past Shilton
to be honest this was a dire game
a 0-0 followed against Netherlands notable for a disallowed Pierce free kick and a certain twat called Bull getting on the pitch
and after a 1-0 against Egypt England made it through
Ireland also after a drab 0-0 with the Egyptians faced the Dutch in their final group game
knowing a point would see them almost into the next round
the Dutch take the lead in the 11th minute through Ruud Gullit
Ireland square it in the 71st minute and after a bizarre drawing of lots they qualify

Cameroon/Columbia-90 minutes of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
extra time and suddenly something to cheer about yes a goal..scored by Roger Milla who then decided to do his best Disco dancing around the left hand corner flag what a mover he was
2 minutes later and with said corner flag still recovering Milla does it again
disposessing the Columbian keeper Rene Higuita on the HALF WAY line casually walks the ball into the net then goes off disco dancing again only this time it was the other corner flag and gets flattened by his team mates
(ha ha ha ha stayin alivvvvveeeeeee)
Cameroon were into the quarter finals
Czechoslovakia brushed aside Costa Rica 4-1
West Germany beat the Dutch 2-1 in a nasty and bad tempered game
Both Rudi Voller and Frank Rijkaard were both booked twice in the space of 2 minutes
both were sent off and the sight of Rijkaard gobbing in Vollers mullet was disgusting not only was it spit it was one of those horrible green snotty types ewwwww Voller must have taken ages to wash that out

The Argies beat Brazil 1-0
Italy eased past Uruaguay(yep that man Schillaci again scoring)
Yugoslavia needed extra time to see of Spain 2-1
England needed a 119th minute goal from Pratt(sorry Platt) to see of Belguim
Ireland....needed penalties to beat Romania after a drab 120 minutes

Quarter Finals
Argentina/Yugoslavia = nothing to report on that one
apart from the Argies won a penalty shoot out 3-2 as i recall even the shoot out was boring
Ireland debut world cup adventure came to an end after a 1-0 defeat to Italy(yep he scored again)
Germany scraped past Czechoslovakia 1-0 (another world class dive in the box by Klinnsmann)
and so to ..more or less the best game of this competition

25" a cross from the English left is headed in by Platt
h/t 1-0 England but only just a string of saves from Shilton keeps England in the game (maybe could have been on a first half hiding England)
Second half
61st minute Gascoigne conceded a penalty
put away by Kunde
4 minutes later the unthinkable happens Milla dances (literally) through the English defence slips in Ekeke who finishes past Shilton
2-1 Cameroon
then they lose their heads and have no idea how to see out the game
83rd minute and with England running out of ideas Cameroon conceded a penalty despatched by Lineker
and so to extra time
England are awarded another penalty in the 105th minute again converted by Lineker
England see out the rest of Extra time and win a thrilling game 3-2
Cameroon can rightly be proud of their efforts and leave the field to applause from all sides of the ground*
*footnote to this game*
i watched the first half at home and went to the pub for the second half and how i escaped with my life that night i will never know
decided to give Cameroon(after a few pints) my vocal support and after they went 2-1 up bets were being taken on who was going to take me outside and hit me first)

Semi Finals
that man again puts the Italians in front after 17 minutes
the Argies respond on 67 with an equaliser from Claudio Caniggia
this game goes to extra time and then the dreaded penalty kicks
Argentina winning 4-3

Now The Fun Bit
England/West Germany
despite what has been said about this game it was only a game-but yet again (as in 86 when England faced Argentina)the press decided to make reference to the war and 1966 that old turkey was even then becoming boring
so to the game
and it wasnt a great game
a midfield battle neither side creating much
0-0 h/t
Second half
60th minute free kick Germany taken by Andreas Brehme smack against Paul Parker and loops over Shilton into the net
1-0 Germany
80th minute a cross from Paul Parker into the German box created mayhem Lineker fires in a shot that goes through a defenders legs and into the bottom corner...1-1

then came one of THOSE moments
one of those WERE WERE YOU WHEN...moments
old Gazza fouls a German defender and the defender rolls so far he actually rolls out of the stadium
cue a second yellow card and he realises he wont be involved in the final
the sight of Lineker mouthing to the bench "have a word with him" is a stand out moment
anyway Gazza need not of worried after extra time the old penalty shoot out loomed
and despite the best efforts of Lineker,Beardsley and Platt
up stepped old Stuart Pierce and blasted the ball straight a Bodo Illgner
and after Thon had scored it was simple for Chris Waddle score or your out
well up he steps and blast the ball into the net?........nope he blast the ball somewhere out of the stadium and probably into some French farmers field

wont waste too much time on this
a horrible advert for the beautiful game but to be hones this entire W/C was a bore
Argentina from the start just want to kick/foul and stop the Germans from playing any way they could
for the record
65th minute Klinsmann decides to go eating grass after a challenge from substitute Monzon who gets a red card
85th minute Penalty to Germany put away by Brehme
87th minute after an altercation Dezotti is also shown a red card

and to bring this to an end
probably one of the most sterile world cups ever
even the BBC theme tune didnt rescue it
Nessun Dorma

Thanks for reading
hopefully i`m keeping you lot entertained
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