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World Cup 2010
another trip down memory lane this time 2010
held in South Africa June 11th-July 11th,bidding to host this W/C was only open to African Nations
South Africa got the vote and the world wondered if they could host a w/c to be proud of
this w/c was excruciating to watch,not because of the football...the worldwide billions of t.v viewers(like myself)probably watched the games without sound.
this was down to the...(yes you guessed it) the bloody Vuvuzela a plastic like trumpet that i`m sure was handed out to every spectator at all the games, if you did watch with sound you were very brave either that or you you love bees.
living rooms around the world suddenly became bee hives........very annoying
anyway to the football

Group A-South Africa-Mexico-Uruguay-France
Group B-Argentina-South Korea-Greece-Nigeria
Group C-United States-England-Slovenia-Algeria
Group D-Germany-Ghana-Australia-Serbia
Group E-Netherlands-Japan-Denmark-Cameroon
Group F-Paraguay-New Zealand-Slovakia-Italy
Group G-Brazil-Portugal-North Korea-Ivory Coast

South Africa/Mexico opened up proceedings and after a dire first half the game came to life 10 minutes into the second half
Tshabalala runs onto a through ball and smashes the ball into the top corner...sending the entire country into meltdown
could they start with a win? silenced every South African in the 79th minute games finishes 1-1
and after a 3-0 defeat to Uruguay and a 2-1 win over France the Hosts left the competition.
France were in turmoil rumours of player unrest refusing to train and wanting the removal of manager Domenech
they finished bottom of their group scoring a single goal in their 3 matches
Mexico and Uruguay advanced
Argentina romped away with Group B...a 1-0 win over Nigeria-a 4-1 victory over South Korea and a 2-0 win over Greece
they were joined by South Korea!!!(honestly)
in Group C we had the obligatory goalkeeping howler(step forward Rob Green)
it came in their opening game v the USA Gerrard had put England 1-0 up early on and everything was looking rosey
Clint Dempsey then hit a thunderbolt from the edge of the area(clocked at about 5mph) that mr Green could even keep out,the sight of Rob Green looking behind him as the ball rolled over the line...priceless.
and after a dull 0-0 draw with the mighty Algeria that led to England fans booing the side of at the end prompting Rooney to say a few choice words into the cameras....but after a 1-0 against Slovenia England were through(maybe they should have just gone home)
you don`t say this that often but in Group D we had a real shock the mighty Germans actually LOST defeated 1-0 by Ghana
although both side progressed
Netherlands ran away with Group E and were joined by.....JAPAN?
Group F was the place to be:-the Italians were expected to walk this group but after a less than impressive 1-1 with Paraguay
and a humiliating 1-1 draw with New Zealand, who should have won this game(Chris Wood anyone?)saw them needing to beat Slovakia.....and after a very close and very entertaining game the Italians were heading home beaten 3-2.
Group G saw Brazil beat North Korea 2-1 The Ivory Coast 3-1 and a 0-0 draw with Portugal
Portugal scored 7 goals in the group all coming in one game against North Korea
along with Brazil they progressed
Group H saw Spain and Chile advance despite a shock Spanish defeat going down 1-0 to Switzerland

Second Round
before i get to the main event(we know what that is don`t we folks)
Uruguay beat South Korea 2-1
Ghana edged out the USA 2-1 after extra time
The Netherlands,Argentina and Brazil all won
Paraguay v Japan was one of those bore draws Paraguay winning 5-3 on penalties
Spain scraped by Portugal 1-0(it was about this time that i found out Spain were boring to watch...your views on this)
then we had the simple game between England and Germany
a game that had just about everything a shocking defensive display from England a goal that was a goal that wasnt a goal but everyone watching knew it was a goal

went like this
20" a simple goal kick from Neuer travels almost the length of the pitch land at the feet of Klose and after holding of the defender toe pokes it past David James
32" a move down the german right sees the entire english defence(what defence) ball watching again,Klose slips in Podolski who finds the net.
37" a free kick on the England right swung into the box and Matthew Upson beats Neuer to ball 2-1 game on? err no
seconds later Lampard finds space from a Defoe flick and launches another shot at goal(baring in mind this guy has had more shots for England at World Cups and scored ZERO)
its smacks the bar and lands about 6 miles behind the line....2-2? nope
the ref Jorge Larrionda...waves play on...the rest as we say is history
Germany score 2 more in the second half to secure a 4-1 win
**footnote**----Lampard also smacked the bar in the second half(that guy was never going to score was he)

and so to the Suarez swindle
Uruguay and Ghana 1-1 deep into added time Suarez handles a goalbound header that would have won the game for Ghana
red card Suarez....up steps Gyan to seal if the the Africans......hits the bar chance gone
Uruguay won the ensuing penalty shoot out 4-2
Germany demolished Argentina 4-0 classic game of counter attacking football
Spain narrowly beat Paraguay 1-0
and the Dutch put paid to Brazil winning 2-1

Semi Finals
The Netherland defeated Uruguay 3-2 to make it to their Third final(74,78 the others)
they would end playing Spain who saw off the Germans

dull and only worth mentioning the record number of yellow cards issued during the game by ref Howard Webb a grand total of 14
and one red card to Heitinga for the Dutch
Spain eventually win the game in Extra time with a goal from Iniesta

all in all not a bad competition (feel free to add your own thoughts)
Good article, Quant (Mary?), but due to my age I can hardly remember any of that year's World Cup.

(Footnote: I can remember nearly every kick of '66, though.
I can also remember my 1st kiss (in '65), but can't remember my last!!!)
Start every day off with a smile and get it over with
I really enjoyed the German team in 2010. Whilst they lost in the semi-final, they showed a different way of playing successful football. At that stage most teams were trying to play like Spain and Barcelona; possession football. Germany showed then that counter-attacking football could be used successfully again and they used it expertly well. It also showed that youth could be relied upon. Neuer, Boateng, Höwedes, Khedira, Kroos, Müller and Özil all played in the under 21’s a year or so earlier and there they were on the biggest stage of them all beating some of Europe’s best senior players.
The only sour point for me of the whole tournament was that Robert Enke never got the chance to be his country’s number 1. In the qualifying for the World Cup, he was Germany’s number 1 with Rene Adler as number 2 and Manuel Neuer as number 3. Whilst he was the Coaching staff’s number 1, the German media (Hannover apart because they were pro-Enke) preferred Rene Adler who was more flashy and charismatic but made plenty of mistakes whilst Enke was very solid and dependable but classed as boring. The stress of being Germany’s number 1 and the media’s love for Adler played a big part in Robert Enke’s second breakdown and spiral into depression which he couldn’t get out of. He killed him self 8 months before the World Cup.

If you ever get chance, have a read of the biography about Robert Enke. It’s written by his closest friend and details his childhood, playing career, breakdowns and depression and finally his death.
Not a great WC for football, too much emphasis on defence, and teams struggled to get free-kicks on target with the flyaway Jabulani ball ballooning all over the shop.

I mainly remember Ghana's run from that tournament; what a great advert it would have been for an African team to reach the semis entirely on merit in the first World Cup on African soil. Instead they met Cheating Louie, and the rest is history.
(12-06-2018, 17:04)talkSAFT Wrote: Good article, Quant (Mary?), but due to my age I can hardly remember any of that year's World Cup.

(Footnote:  I can remember nearly every kick of '66, though.
I can also remember my 1st kiss (in '65), but can't remember my last!!!)

don`t really recall 66 no idea even where it was held or who won it
although rumours have spread that England hosted it and won it
but they are only Rumours???(great Fleetwood Mac Album that every home should own a copy)
Clearing the wardrobe last month I came across a carrier bag with 6 unopened world cup shirts which I had bought to wear during 2010. Forgot all about them. Wearing them now..... look much better than the ones around for this year, and saved me a few bob. DD Thumb up Thumb up
(12-06-2018, 18:40)Ska\dForLife-WBA Wrote: Not a great WC for football, too much emphasis on defence, and teams struggled to get free-kicks on target with the flyaway Jabulani ball ballooning all over the shop.

I mainly remember Ghana's run from that tournament; what a great advert it would have been for an African team to reach the semis entirely on merit in the first World Cup on African soil.  Instead they met Cheating Louie, and the rest is history.

Ghana’s progress was wonderful for the continent and it was a real shame that Suarez cost them it with his cheating actions. I still remember watching it and wanting to climb through my tv to smack him especially when he was smug after the penalty shootout.

I’m not normally one for wanting a player to deliberately hurt another but I hope Gabr and Hegazi accidentally on purpose kick Suarez a bit harder than normal on Friday. Failing that they could rub salt, pepper and spices on their necks to tempt Suarez into biting them.
They were discussing Suarez on MOTD prior to today's Egypt-Uruguay clash, and after showing a clip of the handball against Ghana in 2010, I was astonished to hear Jermaine Jenas say "at the end of the day, if an England player did that to get us into the semi-finals then we'd all be delighted."

Maybe I'm a dinosaur, maybe I'm just out of touch, but to be honest Jermaine, if an England player cheated that badly and blatantly to win a match - especially against underdog opposition - then I'd be disgusted, not delighted. Short of unprovoked physical assault (which Chewie Louie also has on his extensive CV), there's no worse way of cheating in a game of football than to deliberately and flagrantly use your hand to score a goal or prevent a goal. Even hacking a player down when they're through on goal is more defensible than that. Fair play in football has been eroded through the years to the extent that it's almost meaningless now, but it's not quite so meaningless that your average fan can't spot a born cheat when they see one.

Not that England are ever likely to find ourselves in that position, but if we do, then win it fair and square as the Germans do. The moment you go down the Suarez/Maradona road, there's just no point anymore.
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