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For those waving goodbye to Jack
I'll go on record to say If Jack picks O'G for the majority of games left we will definitely go down.I think I would sooner have SEB here at least he knew where the net was .O'G scores very rarely and I don't accept he brings others into the game and creates goals ,he has a touch of an elephant and the play quite often breaks down when it gets to him.
Nice bloke but past it I'm afraid and yet another crass decision by the club to allow him to be brought in on the reputed wage.
The Sarll sacking does seem bizarre I must say .
I suppose two years is as long as you get to build a team even if you are doing it on scant resources.

I guess they think by getting rid now, the new man will be in position for a summer re-build. But realistically in a division as close as Division Two, if Stevenage held onto the right elements of their current team, three new players would easily be enough for them, or several other clubs, to be challenging for promotion. Why a new man would be more likely to retain the right current players and mesh in the right new ones than Sarll I can't quite see.
(19-03-2018, 13:40)Devongone Wrote: With Martin Allen back in charge we'll have all on staying ahead of Barnet never mind netting the Jolley Mariners.

My main gripe with CO'G is not that he doesn't score, but that the team struggles to score when he plays.

Ricky German apparently missed 102 chances for Matlock on Saturday in their defeat by Farsley, so it doesn't particularly sound he'll improve things next season ......... though I still think he looks a bit more threatening than our forwards. For all his seventeen goals Dennis somehow doesn't carry himself like THE MAN.

Must say at 1-1 and us in desperate need of three points I'd have thrown on Hines or O'Grady for the last few minutes. One point will only be useful if Grimsby continue in complete meltdown, three might have contributed to their nerves.

My question is this, has any manager ever been appointed 5 times to manage the same club .............

And why did Stevenage sack Sarll? They are in no danger. Their own youth players are coming through to the first team. They have non-leaguers recruited for nothing proving they can do it at a league level. They look like a long-term project, but unfortunately Sarll was in a short-term world.

John Sheridan at Oldham. He was co-caretaker in 2001, caretaker in 2003-2004, got the job full-time from 2006-2009, reappointed in 2016 and reappointed in 2017.

More to Football than the Premier League and SKY
Yeah but all Allen's appointments have been full managerial control. As far as that goes at Barnet.
Just read this on JL's twitter interview;
"I thought without the ball last week we were really good".
Jack, take it from me the name of the game is Football - That's Foot & Ball, not No Fooball ie watching the opposition overrun us. I know and admit we are really good at that, you don't need to tell us.
I sometimes wonder if footballers and managers engage their brains at times or even anytime.
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
Come on Dancing, they did do really well in the showers and apparently half the team can manage No2s on their own.

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