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Another record broken by Brendan Rodgers and his Hoops' team!
It transpires that the four consecutive wins v Rangers at Ibronx is another record broken since 1909! It's all coming together positively for Rodgers and it's just a good sign of a great manager 'doing the biz' as each domestic challenge arises.
celtic were well on top in the 2nd half before the sending off, the red card saved the huns from a real hiding. The real difference was Rodgers though,when they went down to 10 his changes worked brilliantly whereas murty didn't seem to know how to capitalise.

Morelos was sevco's best player,but he isnt the quality finisher they make him out to be.
I think wrong on Morelos hibeejim21 he is a quality finisher BUT not in that Rangers team. I genuinely believe if he was in Celtic or Hibs teams he would twice as many as he has. He needs good quality delivery and that`s not happening.
I can see Aberdeen and us catching them before the season is over.
Not for me mate,he is strong and quick but he is constantly caught offside and i've seen him miss simple chances time and time again. That chance he missed the other week had nothing to do with poor delivery,just poor finishing.

Cummings is a far better penalty box striker IMO, 10 million striker? Your having a laugh.

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