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Prediction League Tables Week 27
Mostly positive week for a change!!! Twerton managed to claw his way to the top of the pile with his second best week of the season with 22 points. He got his Bonus Ball spot on, got the right result on the Gamball and his Insurance Ball saved him a point - definitely a ballsy performance!! Derby was right on his heels amassing 21 points from 6 correct scores or results. DD put in a solid week on 13 and as will become apparent in a bit that mediocre score will mean a lot in the overall scheme of things!! Single digit positives for Joker, Matt, Worldclass, Amelia and current leader Zinman!! Below that and bring up the rear are three more of the top 5, Sanjay and SCO on -1 and BBB rock bottom on -2!! And that is where DDs +13 could make a big difference to the league table this week!!

Cheers SCO
Zinman, registering a single point for the week somehow managed to increase his lead at the top by another point as an old rival returned to throw down the gauntlet in the race for the title.

DD climbed two places and back into 2nd cracking the 100 correct predictions in the process to sit 14 points behind our leader as we enter the closing stages of the season.

BBB faltered this week unable to repeat the heroics of last week and dropped back a place to 3rd, although he is only a couple of points away and he was another to pass the 100 correct predictions for the season.

In a week when the bottom half comfortably outscored the top half, Sanjay dropping to 4th and St Charles in 5th did little to suggest that they might be able to put a run together to threaten the top 3.

Derby, 100 correct predictions up, and setting a personal best for his weeks score, was the first of the high scorers from the lower half and as a result moved up into 6th and did put himself just 6 points adrift of 5th.

Last weeks star performer Worldclass is also not far away in 7th, overtaking Amelia in the process as mid table is separated by only 11 points covering four places.

This weeks standout predictor Twerton yet again moved out of the relegation places, up to 9th, showing the kind of fight our boys in the blue & white stripes are allergic to.  Angry

Matt couldn’t repeat his first Gamball success of last week and dropped back again into 10th, but can take heart that he was another to pass 100 correct predictions and achieved it after only completing 23 weeks.

Joker made up a little ground but is in need of a stellar week or two or three to catch his rivals above him.


Well it seems that the possibility of promotion is driving an improvement in some people's predicting ability. This week saw some good scores and, for once, no minusmen. Leading the charge this week is Bomber. Stirred by the sight of the gazelle like Beefy (sorry, but I'm still struggling with that image) surging ahead of him, he heads the table with 18 points despite predicting an Albion win (protected by his insurance). Salop claims second place with 6 correct results, three of them correct scores including his bonus to total 16 points - a remarkable score given that he got the gamball wrong. Beefy keeps his promotion dream alive with another solid performance in third place.
Vic and Stairs made double figures with both predicting the gamball defeat of next year's premier league champions (at least according to a WM dingle) - can Vic continue his form to avoid this year's wooden spoon? (Probably not).

The rest suffered due to believing the Wolves hype (or possibly a more understandable assumption regarding the incompetence of the Vile). Snooty had the fewest correct results this week but rescued his score with 2 correct scores including the bonus but is he starting to wobble after so long at the top? Baggieone will have lost ground in the promotion hunt after a poor week and Quantum's struggles continue but not quite as much as the winner of this week's Alan Pardew award for achieving absolutely nothing, 4eva, whose miserable run in 2018 continues. (Note for Bomber, has 4eva gained as many points as Pardew this year?)

Snooty suffering a rare low scoring week remains in pursuit of promotion and the Championship title as we get to the business end of the season, but his lead is being chipped away at, whether its being chipped at enough remains to be seen.

Beefy is the main challenger to the crown of Championship title winner and sits 25 points back in 2nd while putting some breathing space between himself and the chasing pack for a promotion place.

The pack is re-led by Bomber moving up two to 3rd but still 11 points off one of those much sought after promotion places.

BaggieOne dropped a place into 3rd just three points further back, while 4eva also dropped a spot into 5th and after spending much of the season as favourite for promotion at least, he now finds himself a fairly sizeable 26 points off 2nd spot, although he did pass the 100 correct predictions for the season.

The bottom half of the table stays exactly as it was with Salop and Quantum in 6th and 7th also both topping the 100 correct predictions, leaving Stairs in 8th as the only one still in search of that goal as Vicar in 9th managed it this week but still has a firm grip of that wooden spoon 26 points back.

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I can hear the drums Fernando Wink
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
I'm going for the Alan pardew award for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory ..... at one point way in front on top now mid table ........ good job the season is nearly over or I would end up in league two Whistle Whistle Whistle
They are closer now Fernando
Every hour every minute seemed to last eternity
But it's closer now Fernando Blush
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
I hear the drums Fernando.

The drummer is starting his drum roll, our feet our on the trapdoor, the rope is secure around our premier league necks .

I hear the drums Fernando ............
Though I never thought that I could lose

There's no regret .....

If I had to do the same again

And point out I would win ...

I would, my friend, fernando Wink
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
Ow nobody playing
Nobody deciphering my Lyrics yet ?

Now I know your all worried oh hang on I can feel another song coming on .................

I had joy, I had fun
I had Bomber on the run
But the Joy will always last
As promotion's set in cast ................
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
(13-03-2018, 20:46)Beefy 1965 Wrote: Ow nobody playing
Nobody deciphering my Lyrics yet ?

Now I know your all worried oh hang on I can feel another song coming on .................

I had joy, I had fun
I had Bomber on the run
But the Joy will always last
As promotion's set in cast ................

Not as if your lyrics were that hard to decipher!!

You're so hot, teasing me, so you're due
but I can't take a chance on a dick like you
That's something I couldn't do
There's that look in your eyes
I can read in your face
that your feelings are driving you wild
Ah, but boy you're only a child
Well we can dance with you Beefy
If you think it's funny but
Does your mother know that you're out??
If you hear him hoot, scoot,
If you pass his tree, flee,
If you catch his eye, fly,
Don't wait to say goodbye.
He's got a yen for a purty little hen,
He feeds on nits and then he predicts
He's hungry for a chick, so get home quick,
Then his predictions turn sour !!
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bloody ABBA freaks

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