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A stay of execution
Being reported this morning that AP will remain in charge for the next game at Watford.

What on earth does Mr Lai expect to see change during this week, unless he's buying time to sort out a replacement!
Some days I'm top dog, most days I'm just the lamp post.
(26-02-2018, 09:57)silverbaggie Wrote: Being reported this morning that AP will remain in charge for the next game at Watford.

What on earth does Mr Lai expect to see change during this week, unless he's buying time to sort out a replacement!

Waiting for Wenger to become free.... Tongue
what's the point!! It'll be more of the same, abject performamces from players who couldn't give a toss, those with passion and a point to prove left on the bench or not even on the squad. We all know what will happen on Saturday, another embarrassing defeat. And no not being negative, being a realist.
With the sacking of the 2 officials last week - as I understand it these 2 were chiefly responsible for TP going and AP arriving - who will be recommending any replacement for AP anyway?

Seems a bit of a mess here, too
It's all ok we can trust the powers that be,
If we go down down seems like we have sounded out the Ideal replacement  Laugh

Birmingham Mail #LAST STRAW

[Image: DW_gPdDWAAAfSuj.jpg]
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
Just shows what a joke of the club we have at the moment
Give Pardew 2 games or he's sacked,..
Now i'm hearing he has been given the Leicester game to save his bacon Angry

Yep Matt Wilson has just confirmed apparently it's down to improved performances Laugh Doh

Have to change tactics Saturday guys to sack the fookin BOARD !!!!!!!!

By Matt Wilson | West Bromwich Albion | Published: Less than an hour ago

Alan Pardew has managed to evade the sack yet again despite falling to his sixth straight defeat as Albion boss.

The Baggies board have decided to keep the failing head coach in place for at least one more game due to an improved performance against Watford even though Albion lost 1-0.

It's understood a lack of credible alternatives has kept Pardew in the hot-seat for now, but the board are now in danger of coming under criticism for failing to act.

Pardew was appointed head coach in November on the recommendation of long-term friend and technical director Nick Hammond, but he has won just one of his 15 league games and the Baggies are now eight points from safety.

There are also several candidates who would be open to an approach including former players Graham Potter, who has taken Ostersunds from the Swedish fourth tier to the Europa League, and Aberdeen boss Derek McInnes who still holds Albion close to his heart.

The Baggies interviewed Michael O'Neill in November when Tony Pulis was sacked, and may contemplate returning for the Northern Ireland boss.

However, O'Neill signed a four-year contract extension with Northern Ireland in January and their decision to plump for Pardew instead of him just over three months ago could have burned some bridges.

Albion lost 1-0 to Watford on Saturday but deserved to get something out of the game after a committed performance from their players.

They looked more secure after Pardew switched to a five-man midfield following the advice of Chris Brunt's dressing room rant seven days previously.

Despite that, fans in the away end joined in with a chant of 'You're getting sacked in the morning' that started in the home end and there was a smattering of supporters who sang 'Alan Pardew, get out of our club' at full-time.

After the game, Pardew wasn't sure he was safe but did keep referring to the Leicester game coming up, and it's now been confirmed he will be in charge for that fixture.

"It’s tough because you work on things and you try to improve the weaker areas of your team, but I thought after last week we had to kind of go back to basics, concentrate on the strengths of our team," he said.

"All you can do is keep working on your team. That is what I will do with John (Carver) and Darren (Moore) and my staff.

"It leaves us in a difficult position, let’s be honest. It’s not where we want to be. The league table looks daunting.

"From myself and the players' point of view we are best focussing on Leicester, trying to get a win and go from there.

"I am frustrated that we have not got the results perhaps we deserved. Particularly in the two Everton games.

"These last three or four games have been disappointing, from the injuries of the Liverpool game.

"We have to take forward the positives of the commitment they showed to me. I thank them for that, I feel for them more than myself."

When Pardew was asked if he doubted his own abilities following this dreadful run with the Baggies, he said: "I have been in the game long enough not to doubt myself."

Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
It's no wonder we're falling apart when it looks like our backbone left with Jeremy Peace Dodgy
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(05-03-2018, 02:16)TheFunkyJoker Wrote: It's no wonder we're falling apart when it looks like our backbone left with Jeremy Peace  Dodgy

Good point everyone hated JP but ...............
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
Not everyone Beef....
I'm with baggieman, I loved JP, he took us from a below average championship team to a lower mid table premier league team. He was not a multi billionaire, he created the model of how to escape the championship, to relatively compete in the greed league and still make a profit ...... he built a steady ship ....... he did however steer us into choppy waters towards the end when trying to sell the club ....... transfers were wrong, team balance changed, managers chopped and no continuity.

The biggest villain in this piece is the FA ......... they poached Hodgson after he lead us to eighth, then they poached Ashworth ......... from there our demise intensified ending in the Tp era, the baton got handed to AP when the players were so radicalized into non football that only a broom of airport runaway clearing proportions will do to sweep clean and reinstall the Albion soul .......... hard work, hard decisions start now ....... need a quick return or the vile will reinstate their dominance of Midlands football.

Come on you Baggies ........ make us proud once more.
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