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Trump Watch activated!
So trump throws a grenade in the room by rebuffing mays brexit plans and saying no trade deal with the USA will result. He also praises boris Johnson and says he will make a good PM Laugh

May's face at the photo shoot was a picture Laugh Its obvious now that trump and his Russian backers were behind brexit with farage,banks and boris among the "5th columnists" betraying the british people by lying to them about the EU.

It was all about making trump and his mates rich,the elite in the UK escaping the EUs new tax evasion measures.... and of course destabilising the EU and NATO.
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Yep Jim! A good summary of what has been going on in the past 2-3 years and we need a 'higher authority' to get seriously involved in a proper investigation re all the offenders/participants in this conspiracy. Whether Robert Mueller is gonna be a 'major player' in this full investigation, and hopefully a full formal exposure of the facts, is still debatable as I feel that he is up against some of the most sleekit RW criminals who are aware of the threat that he poses to their political existence and I expect some kinda underhand and clandestine political activity to stifle his activities much like what was done to the CIA's deposed director, Comey.
[Image: TrumpBabyBallon1307aa.JPG?width=1000&hei...ffset-y0.5]

The Baby Blimp has been flying next to Parliament this morning. The build up to it and the protests has caused Trump to change his travel plans before his visit and he is now flying from place to place.

So much for his comments about the UK liking him. I’d say it’s split 60-40 in favour of not liking him, maybe even more.
The Sun has published an interview it had with President Trump where he criticised Theresa May and said Boris Johnson would be a great Prime Minister.

Today he has called the meeting Fake News. Someone should tell him that The Sun comes under Rupert Murdoch’s news group and that Murdoch also is the Chairman of his favourite news channel Fox News. Doh

At least we now know what fake news means to him. It isn’t made up news, it’s news that he doesn’t like or agree with. He’s the biggest snowflake in the world.
It's a typical bipolar response from Trump - did the same with N Korea! He suddenly mounts an attack against an individual or action and then 24 hours later becomes a 'sympathiser'. He effectively lied re the Sun interview and I question this President's mental capacity AGAIN! There is definitely something not right with this guy! Is it some form of ageing mental illness!? IMO there is one sure thing to note - the UK must stay strongly linked with it's Euro partners and not with the USA!! By all means have an association with America but not too close with this highly irrational President in charge together with his 'gang' of RW cohorts.
(13-07-2018, 13:55)WBA-Josh Wrote: So much for his comments about the UK liking him. I’d say it’s split 60-40 in favour of not liking him, maybe even more.

It's nowhere near that close, mate. He's liked by a certain portion of the Tory right and most of UKIP, but I'd be amazed if that added up to any more than 20% of the nation. Tops.
You’re probably right Ska’d. 20% sounds more realistic than my 40% projection.

Donald Trump is now in Scotland where there are protests planned in Glasgow and other cities.

Yesterday afternoon, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the indictments of 12 Russian Intelligence Officers who were responsible for the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

I expect to see Roger Stone and others (maybe Julian Assange of WikiLeaks which is the Organisation 1 in the indictment) indicted in the near future. Possibly even Donald Trump Jnr when Robert Mueller has finished with George Nader although I think Jnr is probably being saved as a contingency plan in case Trump tries to fire Mueller or Rosenstein.
So President Trump and President Putin met in Helsinki today and during the Press Conference Donald Trump praised Putin and said he believes Putin about Russian interference whilst again criticising Robert Mueller’s Investigation, Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

The same Investigation that has proven that Russia interfered in the 2016 Election and has proven how many Russian Intelligence Officers took part, who they are, how they did it, what Unit they work in, the process they undertook, the dates they did it and even the times.

I’m sure Putin has something on him. My guess is that Donald Trump is in big debt to Russian Oligarchs who are close to Putin.

Even some Republican Congressmen and Senator’s and members of Fox News have criticised him, that’s how bad he did today.
So the "trumpet man" has more faith in Putin than he has in the American secret service - something glaringly wrong and suspicious with this stance! I also wonder if Putin holds uncompromising photos of Trump in a sexual romp at a Moscow hotel as previously hinted by certain secret service operatives.

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