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Trump Watch activated!
That just sums up the crazy mentality and massive influence of the arms industry, and other pro gun lobbyists, in general 'across the pond' and Trump and his cohorts are well into the use of the gun and who cares about the 'few victims' in the greater scheme of things!! Thumb down
And to follow on from my previous thread, here is the quote of the day from the reclusive President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre: 'To stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun'! My natural reaction - ha ha ha ha ha Laugh  However, the biggest laugh is the fact the students won't win favour and clowns like LaPierre and other pro gun/arms associates, incl Trump, will force the status quo as usual and 'life goes on' regardless with the usual 'conveyor belt victims' of gun rule - a shocking indictment!
(20-02-2018, 03:15)St Charles Owl Wrote: 0762, Chicago’s gun control laws actually do work, its a lot harder now to buy a gun there.  Problem is the cities and states around Chicago do not have the same strict laws, so if you want to buy a gun you just go over the border to a different city or state and bingo, you have a gun!!!  I lived there for 12 years and have number of friends there who are big hunters, this is exactly what they could do if they were new to a gun license.  The only way their stricter gun laws will be effective is if other cities and states around them follow suit.

The “I have a gun to protect myself” line that gun advocates use all the time is also a total fabrication.  It is rare that someone uses a gun to defend or protect themselves to any effect and if they did it would probably end up them getting into a far serious situation!!  You are right about the obsession Americans have with guns, it stems from the Wild West, a time that was actually just over 100 years ago, so its still relatively recent in European terms!!  The NRA are the main problem to any changes as you state, Trump can say whatever he wants but he will never get the votes to actually change the law.  Lobby money and campaign donations laws probably need to change first to reduce their influence on key senate and house elections.

There is no way you can ban guns in the US, will never happen, but you can put control measures in place that will restrict certain weapons and certain people from having them.  Other countries with high gun ownership don’t have the same rate of deaths as the USA, I can’t help thinking that the American attitudes to each other is partly to blame as well as mental health and lax gun laws.  Americans seem to accept killing each other far more than other societies in the world and thats something that needs to change.
And Florida signs up to new gun control laws. OK, it may not work but at least it is a step forward in recognising the problem and trying to deal with it effectively. The NRA reaction just confirms what an insidious group the America public are dealing with and this obsession with the gun and it's capability of killing other fellow human beings not just in the USA but worldwide as, on home UK soil, the British govt sells 40 typhoon jet fighters to Saudi Arabia!!!!?????? I despair and spit on some of the people/politicians who have dared to utter some form of justification to do this! It is a case of 'being bought off' with dosh, pure n simple, with no principles or values whatsoever and 'turning a blind eye' to the mass casualties of supplying ordnance etc to these countries.
Those adverts lauding the head of that murderous,barbaric state all over london for his state visit was nauseous in the extreme.

The UK is actively aiding the saudis slaughter of yemeni men women and children. And absolutely coining it in as a result.
And the 'trumpet man's' latest sacking is his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson! His sackings' history must be an all-time record and again it is indicative of a US President who is not a true Republican with very few close associates and had to 'find' appropriate officials to assist him in government. It looks like he wants the head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, to replace Tillerson - what a shame for the head of the CIA although he replaced the previous director, John Brennan, who clashed with Trump last year and was subsequently sacked by this power hungry dictator/bully - surprise, surprise! His choice certainly would not have been the FBI's top man eh!
White house is like a revolving door at the moment,the only thing that isnae getting replaced is the presidents hair.

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