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2017 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships
The World Championships in Lethbridge, Canada start at 8am on Saturday 22 April and finish on Saturday 29 April with the Medal games at 4pm. It will be the final chance for countries to clinch a berth in the inaugural Olympic Mixed Doubles curling competition. The discipline will make its debut as an Olympic medal sport at the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, with 7 places available, so competition will be keen.

Group B

Alison Fyfe and Neil Fyfe
Coach: Eoin McCrossan
Gina Aitken and Bruce Mouat
Coach: David Aitken
Dawn Watson and Adrian Meikle
Coach: Richard Pougher

Group D

Anna Fowler and Ben Fowler
Coach: Nigel Patrick

The full groups are:-
Group A - Belarus, Brazil, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Japan and Latvia.
Group B - Bulgaria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Serbia and Wales.
Group C - Australia, Austria, China, Israel, Korea, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.
Group D - Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkey and USA.
Group E - New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.

There's distinct potential for reporting disasters with Australia and Austria in Group C, as well as Slovakia and Slovenia in Group E, so bear with me in this.  Confused

The games for Saturday include England v France, Wales v Serbia, Norway v Scotland and Ireland v Italy.

Strangely, the Opening Ceremonies come after the England v France game with the Welcome Reception after the whole day's play. Why they can't have the opening before the games is way beyond me. Perhaps the celebrities and dignitaries that just have to be there are unable to get out of their pits for 8 in the morning. Well, tough, you're supposed to be honoured that the competition has been awarded to your local ice rink, so start acting like it.  Angry

I'll have a bit of a catch-up at the weekend, when the WCF website will hopefully have some team photos on it. If you must have photos now, have a look at last year's Kitchen Sink thread, as many of the players will be the same.  Tongue
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Here are the results so far.

England 8 France 5, Wales 11 Serbia 3, Norway 3 Scotland 6, Ireland 4 Italy 5, Kazakhstan 2 England 17 (yes, that's right seventeen!), Bulgaria 3 Scotland 10, Wales 2 Norway 6, Serbia 2 Ireland 10, England 2 USA 7 and Czech Republic 6 England 4.

Today's remaining games include Ireland v Scotland and Denmark v Wales.

[Image: etwk12.jpg][Image: 1zm2wsw.jpg]
[Image: 5yvyp1.jpg][Image: 5d06b.jpg]
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Tomorrow's games include Ireland v Denmark, Scotland v Wales, Wales v Italy, Scotland v Serbia, Bulgaria v Ireland and England v Turkey.

Currently each of the four home countries have a good chance of progressing and hopefully these games will give further hopes of a medal chance.
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Late last night
Ireland 5 Scotland 8 and Denmark 7 Wales 9.
Earlier today
Ireland 7 Denmark 3 and Scotland 11 Wales 2.

All four Home Countries have one more game later tonight (after midnight as Eric would say) and tomorrow sees England v Canada, Scotland v Denmark and Ireland v Wales.
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Last night's results
Wales 8 Italy 9, Scotland 11 Serbia 0, Bulgaria 4 Ireland 11 and England 10 Turkey 5.
Today's results so far
England 6 Canada 7 (England led 6-4 with 2 ends to go)

This defeat to Canada has scuppered England's chances of qualification. They have 3 wins and 3 defeats so far. Scotland are sitting pretty with 5 wins out of 5 and should be through to the quarter-finals, but Wales have too much to do. They play Ireland later and a victory for Ireland and another win against Norway tomorrow will put Ireland in the mix for a tie-breaker slot, depending on Scotland beating Italy tomorrow.

Wales' final game is against Bulgaria and England finish off against Germany.
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In last night's games, Scotland beat Denmark 8-2 to take their unbeaten run to 6 games. As an aside, the Danish female player is only 12 years old and had a higher %age on take-outs than her father. They have only won 1 game, but had narrow defeats against Wales and Norway. Good luck to them!

In the home derby, Ireland beat Wales 11-2 after winning the first 5 ends. This means that Ireland are still on course with 4 wins out of 6, but Wales now look doomed. Thanks to results elsewhere, there are only 15 teams with better records than England, so they might finish in the final qualification place, all being well.

There are 10 definite qualifiers from the 5 groups - Latvia, Hungary, Scotland, Korea, China, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Russia. Any tie-breakers required will take place tonight to decide the full last 16 for tomorrow's games.
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The 16 qualifiers have now been decided for the knock-out section to be played tomorrow morning. There is still a full session to be played later tonight, but although the order of qualification might change, the results will not alter the qualified teams.

England did all they could by beating Germany 9-6, which meant they tied with Ireland, who lost 4-10 to Norway in the same session. England lost the tie-breaker by 8.1cms and Ireland take the final qualifying slot.

The 16 teams are Latvia, Hungary, Finland (Group A), Scotland, Norway, Italy (Group B), Korea, China, Sweden (Group C), USA, Canada, Czech Republic (Group D), Switzerland, Russia, Spain (Group E) and Ireland. As well as the knockout games through to the Medal Games, the losing teams also play-off to decide ranking points for the 2018 Winter Olympics.
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How does the tie breaker work?? You say England lost by 8.1cms, does that mean they get to put one stone down the ice and the closest wins??
That's basically it, SCO. Before each game the teams throw one stone on each turn (clockwise and anti-clockwise) and they are measured. The worst two results are removed and the remaining measurements are totalled and an average arrived at, which is the figure used. Ireland are actually the most accurate team in the whole competition with England 3rd.

I don't agree with it, but presumably it was agreed before the start of the competition in case there were 5 or 6 teams with the same record. Having two Seniors competitions being played at the same time must restrict available session times for numerous tie-breaker games.
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To follow on from my previous post about available ice time being a potential problem, Wales withdrew from their meaningless last game against Bulgaria as the Welsh male player, Adrian Meikle, was due to play in the Seniors tie-breaker against Scotland immediately beforehand and then the qualifying game immediately afterwards. Three games in a row is a lot to ask of anybody, never mind a senior player.

Scotland concluded their round robin games with an 8-4 win over Italy, leaving them top of their Group with 7 wins out of 7. The scores were tied at 3-3 after 4 ends, but Scotland pulled away in the second half.

The last 16 games have now been decided and are as follows:-
Korea v Ireland; Russia v China; Latvia v Sweden; Scotland v Canada; Switzerland v Spain; Norway v Italy; Czech Republic v Hungary; USA v Finland.
The Quarter-finals will be played later tonight, as well as the Ranking Matches for the losers.
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