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Dear All,

I'm really sorry but I've decided that the regular commitment required to run a game like Game of Two Halves would be too much for me this coming season. Some weeks I've enough time to burble on endlessly about Ched Evans and whether Chesterfield might avoid relegation, and others finding the time to update a competition like Game of Two Halves can be very difficult.

Much as I'm still convinced that a game that brings supporters of different clubs together is a good thing for this enjoyable site I'm afraid I won't be doing it this season.

Many thanks for your support last season. I enjoyed it and found it rewarding ...... but it can be time-consuming, especially when you have to remember that Scottish League and Cup games can have taken place alongside each other and stupid English papers can be barely arsed to provide the results as a reminder .......

I hope you had fun and I hope your teams do well this season so long as they aren't Mansfield, or in English Division One.


I'll still be burbling on site by the way.
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You did a good job last season. I know it can be time consuming. The Town prediction league gets that way.
Which of course, anybody can join in if you fancy it. Thumb up
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