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EU Referendum
Im voting out due to my gut instinct and nobody will talk me out of it.
There has been that many words spoke and written on this debate that my head is about to explode.
Voting out have not changed my mine in 41 years the EU needs to reform but turkeys do not vote for Christmas. Originally it was a Common Market now it's a political union. The EU answer to any problem is to throw cash at it usually outs and kick the can further down the road solving nothing.
Greece failed very financial criteria for entry into the Euro and now is utterly potless until it gets it's next bail out.
The almost utter irony that the remain campaign are backed by the same banks that crashed the economy, it's all about money and how much the elite will make sod the unemployed and those drowning in the Med the Brussels elite do not care one joy
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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This has been the nastiest campaign ever. Both sides have told lie after lie. Some people think it's all about immigration. And to cap it all we've had an actual assassination.

Thank God it's nearly over.
(23-06-2016, 00:45)Lord Snooty Wrote: This has been the nastiest campaign ever. Both sides have told lie after lie. Some people think it's all about immigration. And to cap it all we've had an actual assassination.

Thank God it's nearly over.

Sign of the times I am afraid!! These sort of political elections seem to be more and more debated on social media by extreme faceless keyboard warriors where there is little to no debate!! The first one I really noticed where it had changed was the Scottish Independence debate where like this one both sides were caught lying to suit their needs and agenda, there are so few places you can go now to get true independent information and the reality is that a decision as huge as this one potentially could be is being boiled down to one or two sound bites and a ton of spin!!!

The US general election is even worse, especially with Trump in the running but Hillary isn't much better. No longer do the key issues get debated, no promises are kept and there is little accountability for those who win. I find the lack of real debate very sad!!
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Its a "remain" for me. We are no longer a world power and that was nothing to do with the EU. We are part of Europe like it or not. One hell of a lot of UK manufacturing is owned by European companies who wont waste much time transferring work into other EU plants if we leave IMO. When we are all out of work I can just see Boris and Nigel putting their hands in their pockets to help us all out.
One thing I cant stand is the hypocrisy of people like James Dyson. Transfers all his vacuum cleaner manufacturing to another EU country with cheaper labour then comes out in favour of Brexit? Whats that all about -money grabbing so and so.
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Did anyone realise - I didn`t until a couple of hours ago - that this referendum is 'advisory', not 'mandatory'. That being so, the government has no legal obligation whatsoever to abide by the outcome. If it doesn`t like the result, it can immediately call a general election, putting in its manifesto the intention to remain in Europe, and that will legally overrule the referendum result if they are then re-elected. Millions (billions?) of pounds, as well as the life of an MP, will therefore have been wasted to no purpose at all.

Isn`t democracy wonderful!
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Yes I knew that. They would've been better just doing an opinion poll. Like you say, a complete waste of money and the life of an MP.
Most places reporting that the belief is that Remain will edge the result. Even Farage has tweeted that he believes Remain will win.
First few results in and the surprising win for Leave in Sunderland causes the pound to plummet on the open markets!!! Sign of some economic turmoil if leave does win??
As the Leave numbers continue to look good the pound continues to slide!!! Great for foreigners coming to the UK but terrible for millions of British people about to go on their summer holidays!!

5.40am UK time, the BBC calls the result as a win for Leave!!! Now the real fun begins, keep you money under your matress, its going to be worth more there over the coming months!!

Looks like Scotland and London are the only regions to vote to remain, very different partners for sure!!! The vast bulk of the rest of England easily voted to leave, a true split now exists in the UK!!

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