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EU Referendum
"Dancing I know you have your own business so your type are going to defend the cheap mass labour from the poorer countries because it will give you more profit"

If that's not personal then its a bit bloody close. The fact that its Bull Shit is immaterial. If you keep firing off with a scattergun then you don't target anything, your arguments are all over the place.
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I have to agree with Dancing, your argument is all over the place. Your talking about things which have nothing to do with the EU.

Just because Dancing owns a business it doesn't make him a bad person and of course he will want to make profit because that's how businesses grow and expand by making profits. It's how you create jobs.

Employers undercut wages by using zero hour contracts and agencies.

More to Football than the Premier League and SKY
You know I was more than a bit of a Bennite .......... well one of his great messages was, "join up the dots."

I don't think it is quite as easy to say, as Matt does, that this is nothing to do with the EU, that on the other hand is the EU. We've been part of it all Matt's lifetime AND it has been part of us. The links have been becoming ever more inextricable, in trade, culture, industry, ownership, where we live, who is next door. That's why reaching agreements now is so involved. It is like two parts of a parallel universe wrestling to be free of one another.

Immigration of course started way before we joined the EU, but we did have an innate sense of identity before the large-scale arrival of different peoples led many to question what we were and what were we becoming. Our EU membership and decisions made by Tony Blair only compounded that identity crisis. During WW2 people largely knew who and what they were and what that meant. Seventy years on even words and colours have become no-go areas. We walk on eggshells rather than embracing our differences.

Divided and timorous we can burble endlessly over Brexit. Dancing naturally is scared of the effects on his business and others. He admits that openly in any discussion. I'm sure he'd be equally forthcoming if his business were a few trawlers down in Brixham, but I think his opinion would probably be the opposite. That doesn't mean he's shallow and selfish. It means he isn't an idiot. If he didn't tell everyone he was a trawler-owner, or that he had a manufacturing business, then I might have an issue with what he says. But he is an honest man and depending on decisions made by people who've never met him or seen his business ....... his future could rest .......... how would you feel? He's a friend and I could ever help ........ I don't have to agree with his every word to say that!

But Pooch is only joining dots. Sometimes that can be enlightening, and certainly we all want to see the whole picture, but if you join the wrong dots sometimes .......... you accidentally, or deliberately, distort the picture. BUT if you want to see the picture you DO have to join the dots.

Many politicians will tell you that those who voted for Brexit didn't vote on the actual issue. They just voted because they didn't like the way things were .................

And so you can disentangle that from the EU? Far from being the less sophisticated and informed choice, you might say they were looking at the bigger picture.

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