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I've done the final table and assessed our performance as follows:-

Premiership stars:-

ritchiebaby 2521
betterthanbaird 2464
Consilio 2397
St Charles Owl 2336

Championship warriors:-

Washington 2209
Wakey Terrier 2206
Terrier 1973 2167
Spireitematt 2162
silverbaggie 2142
SpenB 2128
Thurnscoe_Owl 2102

Division One survivors:-

Was Wereham Owl 2021
neonfoxinthe box 2001
Owlkev71 1943
SoutheyOwl 1942
Devongone 1886
tidy 1858
Gambling Owl 1834

Division Two strugglers:-

theo-luddite 1614
Luke_East_Baggie 1564
Lord Snooty 1532
Bottesford Owl 1448
BBB 1440
Dingle Dingle 1327
Supercooper 1271

Champion ritchie baby, secrets of his success I reckon Alloa, Dunfermline, Colchester and switching Villa into is his list at Christmas.
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I'm very happy where I finished. Thumb up Smile

More to Football than the Premier League and SKY
Well you beat me out of sight and I was trying ......
Happy with the Champions League spot in the end!!!

Devon, thanks for doing this, we should repeat it again next season if you are still up for it!!
I'm delighted with the final result once again - Hibs coming out on top, Rangers left way behind  Whistle Thanks to Devongone for all his hard work in organising and scoring this.

Now for the Euros!!! Thumb up
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Cabbage is still good for you
What was this for, I can't remember....not bad considering
That is a brilliant post Wakey Terrier.

Lord Snooty talks about his irrational hatred of some clubs. I'd rather talk about loving certain clubs. Huddersfield is lovable. It might not want to be. It will probably recoil from such an embrace in manly horror, but I like the people, I like the place, I love the dour attitude that has never been dour at all, I love the fact that about half the population wants to be in a choir, and I love the football club for once impossibly having been better than everybody else and now being able to live with becoming as good as it can in the shadow of that distant peak.

It was a long-running competition Wakey. You were in it. You did well. Far better than me and I was running it. Fact to remember if Huddersfield draw Chesterfield in a cup .......... we're not even good at cheating. We can score three or four goals against you and still find a way to lose.
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