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Up to and inc Monday 14th March
Consistency seems to be the key to betterthanbaird.

I thought I was being smart selecting Scottish teams other people might disregard. It might have made me a challenger to betterthan .......... This week when my Scottish teams did what I wanted I beat him easy. The only trouble is he's about 500 points in front of me for the season. And that seems to be it. We all have a good week now and again;he never has a bad week.

betterthanbaird 1945
ritchiebaby 1838
Consilio 1785
St Charles Owl 1768
Wakey Terrier 1658
Terrier 1973 1625
SpenB 1595
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Was Wereham Owl 1587
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Thurnscoe_Owl 1503
silverbaggie 1502
Washington 1469
Devongone 1460
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tidy 1311
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