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First apologies to Dingle Dingle and Luke East Baggie who gained points a couple of entries ago when I deleted a minus sign in front of Coventry City's performance as downers ........ Unfortunately I spotted my error and had to go through all their scores to correct matters.

Though we may think we are doing very well at this game pre-season no-one chose Leicester to do well, or Burton, or Northampton - all winning their divisions. Two players spotted Cheltenham, but only Ritchie Baby came up with Dunfermline and no one thought Elgin City would do well.

Leicester were an appalling choice to do badly (I thought they'd sack Ranieri after their second or third defeat, and they're only on three defeats now and it's March), and Watford, West Ham, Sheffield Wednesday, Bradford, Coventry, Southend, Accrington, Carlisle, Ross County, Ayr United and Annan.

Rubbish choices to do well were Chesterfield, Barnsley, Swindon, Luton, Notts County, Yeovil, and Halifax.

Here's the table:-

betterthanbaird 1827
Consilio 1716
ritchiebaby 1707
St Charles Owl 1659
Wakey Terrier 1568
Was Wereham Owl 1529
SpenB 1519
Terrier 1973 1506
Spireitematt 1468
Thurnscoe_Owl 1457
neonfoxinthe box 1446
silverbaggie 1414
Washington 1362
Devongone 1346
Gambling Owl 1316
Owlkev71 1304
SoutheyOwl 1276
tidy 1235
theo-luddite 1161
Bottesford Owl 1071
BBB 1070
Lord Snooty 1021
Luke_East_Baggie 928
Supercooper 915
Dingle Dingle 875
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