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Kidderminster collected a few points for St Charles, but he's till on the slide and his substitution policy is bound to under scrutiny in the post-season analysis. Consilio and betterthan seem to be putting together a consistent run, Ritchiebaby's trying to accelerate, whilst down the table Lord Snooty's selection policy of apparently choosing clubs on the basis of whether he likes them or not still hasn't really paid off ....... though he's slowly climbing out of trouble.

betterthanbaird 1742
Consilio 1637
ritchiebaby 1587
St Charles Owl 1557
Was Wereham Owl 1476
Wakey Terrier 1456
SpenB 1455
Terrier 1973 1419
Thurnscoe_Owl 1400
neonfoxinthe box 1356
Spireitematt 1355
silverbaggie 1324
Devongone 1282
Washington 1281
Gambling Owl 1266
Owlkev71 1242
SoutheyOwl 1205
tidy 1164
theo-luddite 1106
Bottesford Owl 1034
BBB 1027
Lord Snooty 943
Supercooper 910
Luke_East_Baggie 896
Dingle Dingle 868
Oh well it looks like 'mid table obscurity' for me.

Eat your heart out you fans of Aston Vanilla........... Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Some days I'm top dog, most days I'm just the lamp post.
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