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Table including Mon 8th Feb
Baird has pulled clear. He had a good week whilst his two main rivals hit a major flat spot. Baby and Was Wereham took their opportunity to close down in fourth and fifth. At the bottom Dingle Dingle, Supercooper and Snooty are locked in a fight to the death, but all three of them did score better than St Charles and Consilio at the other end of the table.

Rotherham cheered a lot of people by sacking another manager. Barnsley upset a couple with a managerial change whilst in an excellent run of form ......... and Derby's decision to press the panic button was a setback for a lot of our players..

betterthanbaird 1635
Consilio 1499
St Charles Owl 1487
ritchiebaby 1470
Was Wereham Owl 1392
Wakey Terrier 1338
SpenB 1319
Terrier 1973 1306
Thurnscoe_Owl 1305
neonfoxinthe box 1269
Spireitematt 1242
silverbaggie 1230
Gambling Owl 1194
Washington 1168
Owlkev71 1167
Devongone 1155
SoutheyOwl 1126
tidy 1060
theo-luddite 1024
Bottesford Owl 985
BBB 965
Luke_East_Baggie 896
Lord Snooty 860
Supercooper 857
Dingle Dingle 854
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