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Should they sack Tim Sherwood
As an Albion fan who has suffered for decades from delusional Villa fans claiming they're a better club than us, until a few years ago they were probably right,it all seems to have changed. 

Now they are in melt down. 

It's been happening for some time. Selling off their best players, choosing the wtkng manager/coach, not giving said manager or coach enough time etc.

So, the latest gamble has kept them up. Mainly thanks to West Brom giving them a boost!  The club sold their best players. They brought in a basketful of new players (did the coach really pick them) and they are gifting goals like it was Christmas.

Should they get rid of Sherwood now and get a new man in to have a good run at theorist of the season or should they hold their nerve and give the man a chance.......?
I haven't seen anything in his managerial career to suggest Sherwood has the nous to rebuild Villa as a force, but who would be the right man to replace him? I think Allardyce would have been the ideal manager to turn things round but that ship's sailed now he's gone to Sunderland. Brendan Rodgers maybe?

I think they'll stick with Sherwood by the way. Their last 2 managers got plenty of time despite spending most of it fighting relegation. The fact they never actually went down might mean Sherwood gets the benefit of the doubt for a while.
True, although Rodgers being available is interesting. There is also Alan Irvine, but I would wish him on anyone.
(18-10-2015, 15:03)Stairs Wrote: True, although Rodgers being available is interesting. There is also Alan Irvine, but I would wish him on anyone.

Stairs, you are a bad man even bringing up Irvines name!!!  That man is never going to be a manger again, he is a coach, not the leader.

I thin Villa will survive this season, but like last season by the skin of their teeth.  I still think the three promoted teams will go down.  Villa though will IMO need to give someone else any war chest in The January sales than Sherwood.  Like El Car said, what has he done anywhere previously to even think he is a decent manager??  WBA should consider themselves lucky that they didn't get him and got Pulis last season!!
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Shouldn't have got the job in the first place, talks a good talk but lacks substance
No 'should' about it now, 25/10/2015 : AVFC - Club statement: Tim Sherwood

From me, for the record.

Thank You for your efforts on behalf of Aston Villa, Tim Sherwood.
You tried your best, but sadly, your best was not good enough.
I hope you can bounce back somewhere else.
As has been mentioned (on AVillaFan), following the managerial path Teddy Sheringham has taken would be a wise move.
Let us trust that Remi Garde can live up to the good reports of his abilities we have had, from Arsene Wenger and Gerard Houllier, who know and have worked with him.
Fingers crossed Remi Garde's good record will translate into future success for AVFC ! [Image: finger-x.jpg]

AVFC - Breaking news: Villa appoint Rémi Garde as new manager
On the face of it this appears to be a good appointment, possibly the best that Villa could have hoped for in their current situation. Of course he is going to have to get up to speed with both the team and the PL quickly or else that gap above may get too big!!
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