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Delph going to Citeh!!
This seems like a big blow for Villa, losing one of the few star players they have!! No mention of transfer fee but as he was tied to about 4 year left on his contract you can expect that Citeh will have to pay through the nose to get him. Maybe Villa can use that money wisely to improve the team overall, but that won't be easy!

If Villa do not replace him effectively, then a relegation scrap could once again be very much on the cards for them!!
Isnt his release only about 8m?

I think whilst a star player at Villa and now an England regular I`m not sure he`s a top drawer midfielder ..yet
Delph has denied he's moving anywhere. Funny one this as the media had it as a done deal.
They have been reporting that he is staying and will be captain.

But, really, who cares?
Well I reckon the Villa fans will care, especially as he has now made a complete u-turn and exercised his 8m buyout clause and signed a 5 year deal at Man City!!
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What a fickle bunch footballers are!
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