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Trump Watch activated!
I just watched and listened to Trump's latest jaw-dropping irreverent reference to George Floyd "watching from above". Another "red line" crossed by Trump in a bizarre speech trying to take credit for a drop in f###### unemployment figures!!! What a slime ball of a US President with his facial contortions so self-evident - a lunatic in full public view! If there is a god, please strike this man down and do the world a favour as well as ending 4 years of sheer irritation and anger directed at such crass behaviour and a population that could get anywhere near voting in such a moron. What next? Where will he stoop even lower than this latest embarrassing act? MENTAL!!! Thumb down
Unbelievable that the numpty could use the murdered guys name in celebration of a few folk returning to work. George Floyd should still be alive, not 'looking down' on this twat who would rather shoot his own people than try to resolve the real problem. It seems the Nu-Yark cops were also quick to join in the er, abuse of innocent blacks for no good reason too.
Reasons to drink real ale
[Image: c258fe308066c13663718b49d134b4123275c723...215a_large]
No retreat lads. No Surrender
Real Ale + Liver + Kidneys = Bud
It is a racist country pure n simple! And with a President whose narrative has a bias towards white supremacy! A good indicator of this kinda shit is these militia type white supremacists in the likes of Michigan, with their assault rifles in full view, who this ersehole of a US President clearly condoned. I wonder what would've happened if some "nut job" wiped out a whole group of these militia morons instead of killing off innocent college kids etc in the usual annual gun wielding embarrassment for the USA????? How to start a civil war without trying too hard eh!! A weird country with a weird association to the gun and unhealthy support for the NRA (a high money contributor to certain US political parties btw!!).
Now Trump and his cohorts getting agitated re John Bolton's (Trump's ex adviser) imminent book publication/revelations that do not place this President in a good place!! Trying to persuade China officials to buy American agricultural machinery and help in winning him another election this year. Also "giving the green light" to Chinese concentration camps - Jeezo!! As usual, Trump name-calling and getting agitated on Twitter calling Bolton a wacko while an American reporter asking the President, "Well why do keep employing wackos if that is the case"? His usual fake news crap is just tedious and embarrassing btw - deja vu! Has anybody else noticed that in recent times he looks either ill or "run down". Is the pressure and the neg popularity polls finally "sinking in"?
And then the US Supreme Court "puts him down" on his legal quest against young migrants!!

When you read these kinda dishonest comments one can comprehend why the United States is in the "mess" that is currently experiencing with no respite. How is this Republican individual anywhere near a position of authority or responsibility when one listens to such brazen impudence and deceit!!?
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