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Rangers v Hibs, Sunday 3 October, KO 3.00pm
(04-10-2021, 11:59)ritchiebaby Wrote: Regarding the Morelos illegal tackle on Porteous, I was appalled to hear Richard Foster (I think) on Sportscene saying that " if it angers Porteous a little bit, then it's great play by Morelos". GREAT PLAY!!!!! That clown should be immediately removed from the panel until he understands the concept of what constitutes foul play.

Foster apparently "slaughtered" on social media re uttering such a stupid comment to a national audience. A "man of many clubs" (incl Rangers), I'm assuming he's another one of these "closet huns" who "float" around the sports media circles.
Just typical of the amount of rangers groupies that dominate the scottish media.

There was a challenge from that lundstrom guy that was wild and out of control but he didn't get a red card. Everyone can see whats going on but the refs know if they don't tow the line they wont get to ref there again.....See Gollum for instance."> See what you think folks.
There's a known cliche of refs that we've debated often enough on this Sb board for a very long time and, as said in one of my previous threads, it is "killing" the game up here and needs to be redressed in some way by "good people" within the game. I've suggested the implementation of VAR - not perfect, but must be used as the "vehicle" to overcome some of the worst ref/officiation probs in the game. And then pragmatically evolve/improve it through time. My biggest gripe re this poisonous Govan footie club is the fact that they believe they are bigger than the game itself - eg the Cinch contract fiasco/dispute, their veto/bullying of certain media groups like the bbc (no broadcasts or interviews for how many years???), their flagrant ban of away fans (they started this nonsense years ago!!!), their blatant pandemic/lockdown regs violations, their bullish behaviour towards other footie clubs, players plus certain authorities, the intimidation and bullying of referees to suit their needs, the outrageously massive debts that are attached to this footie club to give them a clear advantage over other clubs, the poisonous sectarianism that they still flagrantly market!"!!!!!!!!!! Does it need another intervention by Scottish footie fans in general to finally initiate a challenge to "reel them in" and get them to behave and operate properly as expected of every SPFL club esp during such difficult times after a pandemic that has not gone away yet!!!?? Also remember the years of the Scot Prem without this poisonous footie club and factions of their toxic fans????? IT WAS BLISS!!!!! IT WAS A FORCED EXPERIMENT THAT PROVED BEYOND DOUBT HOW GREAT IT ACTUALLY WAS WITHOUT THEM IN TERMS OF DECENT ATMOSPHERE AND A LOTTA THIS REFEREEING AND MEDIA SHIT THAT MOST FANS HAD WITNESSED BEFORE THEIR DEMISE. I predicted this outcome on the SB board a few months before they finally won the Scottish Championship and I was absolutely SPOT ON re my concerns about them returning to "infect" our game - THE EVIDENCE IS THERE FOR ALL TO SEE, ABSOLUTELY CLEAR TO ANY SAVVY SCOT FOOTIE FAN, AND IT IS A TRAGEDY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER WHERE MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED TO ACCOMMODATE THEM!!! Thumb down I'm convinced they are "riddled" with criminals and financed with "dirty money" and yet nobody wants to challenge the many issues that I've mentioned!! THAT HAS TO CHANGE FOR THE GOOD HEALTH OF THE GAME UP HERE!!
Just returned from the North Coast 500 so missed the game. Sounds like we got what was expected when we play the 12 of sevco.

Have seen the Porteous replay and think he was unlucky in that as his heel touched the ball it pushed his leg and studs up . Still never caught the play acting sevco forward who did well to soldier on to the 80th minute! Still no chance of it being overturned though!

I've watched some very similar incidents like this slide tackle at the same level of contact with the ball. There were three EPL incidents over the past few months, I think one of them involved a BHA or Crystal Palace player and another incident was linked to an Arsenal player. My main point is that VAR didn't deem any of these challenges as a red card offence. Additionally, I thought one of the tackles was far worse than Porty's challenge and the Arsenal lad only received a yellow card. The interpretation of this type of sliding tackle/challenge is really irritating TBF!! And if the offending player had been a Rangers lad, I'm damn sure the media narrative would've been different in defending the guy!!
Forgot to mention the third incident involved a Chelsea player sliding in on a City opponent; again deemed not a red card. Note Arribo was the play-acting Sevco player who was hardly touched at all in that incident.
I have now also seen the Lundstram challenge on Doig in the first few minutes. In my eyes there is very little difference in the intent going in and he catches Doig more than the Porteous one. However this first one was not even deemed a foul! He was as much "out of control" as Porteous! Doh
Appeal failed, even though The Rangers News photo showed the ball trapped by Porteous' leg before contact (if any existed) occurred. And Porteous came out of the tackle with the ball, so what's the problem?
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Never going to be any other outcome unfortunately. Sad Shall we hear about retrospective punishment for Lundstram........of course not. Doh
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