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Twilight Players
Pondering on the subject of 10 favourite Albion Players I started thinking of the well known players that came to the Albion in the latter stages of their careers often only lasting a season (possibly two) or in some cases making one or two appearances before they finally hung up their boots.

So here's my starter for 10 from the ones I remember watching at some point. Some of them should have been put out to pasture before they joined (Townsend for example) others still had something left to offer. I'd be interested to know some of the key ones I've forgotten (I haven't even started with the Premier League years - Anelka et al)

Arthur Albiston 88-89, 43 appearances (steady and used to chat to us in the Rainbow Paddock)
Sir Geoff Hurst 75-76, 10 appearances (remember him tying his shoe laces up near us, not a lot of his play though!)
Mickey Thomas 85-86, 20 appearances (notable for one tackle that took the ball, player and a ball boy all at the same time)
Sam Allardyce 89-91, 1 appearance + assistant manager (think he was sub, came on and stood around a lot)
Andy Townsend 99-00, 8 appearances (slower than slow)
Graham Roberts 90-92, 39 appearances (slow but had a decent two years for our standard, bit of a thug)
Tony Morley 83-85 and 87-89, 61 appearances (should have stayed at the Vile)
Garth Crooks 85-87, 40 appearances (over the moon when we signed him, over the moon when he left!)
Brian Talbot 88-90, 74 appearances + player manager (Seemed to start well but in the end Woking, enough said!)
Steve Nicol 98, 9 appearances (remember him being on the pitch, that's about it)
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I remember Graham Roberts' game v Dingles:
in the 1st minute or 2 a hopeful ball into the Albion half midway between Roberts and Bully; like watching in slow motion, the 2 scampered after the ball....and WALLOP - a great meaty tackle (fair play to Bully - he didn't chicken out), but Roberts' 14 stone won the ball, and Bully limped out of the game to hearty cheers!

I also remember Allardyce coming on as sub at Bradford City in the League Cup. (I'd never heard of him, and was surprised how old and fat he looked!)
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Mike Phelan 94-95 - actually only 32 when he came to us straight from Man Utd, but clearly not the player he'd been, and we were his last port of call.
Talking of excitement when arrived but delight when they left:

Nwankwo Kanu
Kevin Campbell
Nicolas Anelka.
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(11-06-2019, 20:25)drewks Wrote: Nicolas Anelka.
Keep it clean, folks!

Spiffing bloke. Never caused any trouble.  Whistle

He was one of Clarke’s strange signings. Made some sense on paper considering he used to be a great scorer and we lost Lukaku but Clarke used him mainly on his own up front which meant us essentially playing with a false 9 and Anelka lost his touch in front of goal.
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