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Rainbow Prediction League Week 16 !!! , 20/12/14
Posted by: Beefy 1965 - 15-12-2014, 00:46 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (37)

[Image: New606PredictionLeagueLogo.jpg]

Your Team ,...... Harry (overall Table scorer) Skad (Division 2 scorer) Luke (Division 1 scorer) Joker (Helping Harry with overall tables & adjudication officer)  Rolleyes
Beefy (Fixture organiser & Holiday score cover)

Scoring System

Bonus Ball =  Smartass  ................ Insurance ball =  Cry   .................. Gamball =  Exclamation

Incorrect Result = - 1 point
Incorrect Result (Insurance Ball) = 0
Incorrect Result (Bonus Ball) = - 2
Incorrect Result (Gamball) = - 4

Correct Result = + 2 points
Correct Result (Bonus Ball) = + 4
Correct Result (Gamball) = + 8
Correct Score = + 4 points
Correct Score (Bonus Ball) = + 8
Correct Score (Gamball) = + 16

* You must use the Gamball on the Game chosen , This game will be marked with ** in front of the chosen game, highlighted Red, and have the smiley  Exclamation   at the end of it to avoid any confusion. You DO NOT have to play the Gamball , Your score will then be marked as normal (Y)
If anybody plays the wrong ball on the Gamball game, this ball will be treated as though you have used it and there for scored as such. Rolleyes

If you do not predict,...........
If in your league everyone scores above zero you will receive Zero points,
However if in your league the person with the lowest score is below Zero (eg -4) you will score -5 and receive your first strike, Remember 3 strikes and you're out. :'(
Unless you talk to us nicely (Well the Joker that is)
The Example that is shown for the minus score will increase by one each time you fail to predict.
Strike 2, -2 below the lowest score , then finally strike 3, -3 below the lowest score unless in your league unless all scores finish above Zero, Then Zero is what you will score ,

All scores must be in before the first game kicks off on Saturday.
If the early kick off is missed the rest of your predictions must reach us by 3pm or NONE will be counted.


Participants & Leagues.

Division 1

1. Baggie-one
2. Beefy
3. Bournemouth
4. Dan
5. Derby Baggie
6. Harry
7. Joker
8. Luke
9. Reebok
10 Sanjay
11 Skad
12 Struth
13 TidyVW
14 Twertonpark
15 WBA1996
16 Zinman

Division 2

1. Amelia
2. Bomber
3. BBB
4. Bradleys Screamer
5. CJ baggies
6. DD
7. Gambling Owl
8. Grimois
9. Huggy
10 Kiddy/Wribbenhall
11 OneTrueBaggie
12 ST Charles
13 SBG
14 Strollers
15 Tom WBA
16 WBAWill

** Disclaimer, Myself, Luke, Harry, & the Joker are almost 100% sure we get the scores added up correctly, From time to time over the season we may get now and again get this wrong, SO IN THE EVENT OF ANY POINTS DISCREPANCIES can i ask all you guys to check your predictions and if you feel they are incorrect in anyway contact any of the above 4 people within a week of the TABLES & SCORES being presented and they will be corrected the following week.
Anything later unless it is a Major error will NOT be corrected. It is as much your responsibility to check your scores as much as it is ours to try and score them correctly.
Beefy (Y)




Saturday 20th Dec

Man City v Crystal Palace 12:45
Aston Villa v Man Utd
Hull v Swansea
QPR v West Brom
Southampton v Everton
Tottenham v Burnley
West Ham v Leicester
Huddersfield v Birmingham

Sunday 21st Dec

Newcastle v Sunderland
**Liverpool v Arsenal Exclamation

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  HTFC Prediction League - Matchday 27
Posted by: Lord Snooty - 14-12-2014, 23:32 - Forum: Huddersfield Town - Replies (20)

4 points for a correct score
2 points for a correct result
2 points for each correct scorer
Joker doubles your score Laugh    
Wrong joker result gives you minus 2
Correct Random Badger gives you 2 points Badger

Cup games:
In the event of a draw, it's half the points if you've predicted a draw when it gets to 90 mins and the full points if it's still a draw after extra time. Half the points will be awarded for correctly predicting the winner of the match it goes to penalties.

So copy and paste the fixtures and give us your predictions.

Town v Birmingham
Town scorers:
Birmingham scorers;

Millwall v Bolton

Derby v Norwich (12:15)
Blackburn v Charlton
Blackpool v Bournemouth
Cardiff v Brentford
Fulham v Sheff Wed
Ipswich v M'boro
Reading v Watford
Wigan v Rotherham
Wolves v Brighton
Nottm Forest v Leeds (17:15)

Bonus matches:
Newcastle v Sunderland (13:30)
Liverpool v Arsenal (16:00)

The table as it stands after matchday 26:
Neonfoxinthebox: 424 pts
ritchiebaby: 402 pts
Terrier1987cas: 402 pts
terrier1973: 398 pts
jjamez: 388 pts
Marco4: 388 pts
ARTERRIER: 369 pts
SHEP_HTAFC: 365 pts
WakeyTerrier: 361 pts
Lord Snooty: 360 pts
Amelia Chaffinch: 347 pts
Mitzi: 347 pts
grimois: 263 pts
Beefy 1965: 233 pts
Citizen Jeebers: 161 pts

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Posted by: drewks - 14-12-2014, 15:48 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (6)

Well, MOTD highlighted it last night quite rightly IMO - they couldn't really ignore it though I guess.
I was hugely embarrassed by one of our own - Pocognoli - doing one of the more exaggerated, just to make it worse. Terrible, Poco  Thumb down  Thumb down  Doh

WhyTF do players do this? What's the solution?
Personally I think if the refs aren't able to control it (and by all evidence they aren't - their consistency is non existent), managers/clubs should be punished retrospectively AS WELL AS players. It's a huge problem that's getting worse seemingly by the week; it's spoiling the game and needs to be dealt with urgently.  Angry

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  Notts County @ Meadow Lane 16/12/2014
Posted by: themaclad - 14-12-2014, 14:47 - Forum: Preston North End - Replies (2)

It's the final mid week night game of the year, the first was in Nottingham the last is in Nottingham. For the first we took 2500 for Tuesday we'll take about 300, the first was a cup trip as is this one, different competition though JPT instead of FA Cup and on the different side of the Trent. Meadow Lane for the Northern area semi final for the joy of a two legged final for the winners against Walsall.
County well drilled at the back until yesterday's distant second place against Swindon will provided tough opposition, it will probably be a tetchy game as the first one was at Deepdale.
County have Noble suspended, North End will have strikers who hopefully won't missed many chances as they did yesterday. Too close to call this one, could be penalties one for devotees only.

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  Ref and Linesman Yesterday
Posted by: bluepooch - 14-12-2014, 12:38 - Forum: Chesterfield - Replies (3)

Both were incompetent to say the least ,I'm not so much talking about Sams dismissal ,he did raise his hand but the guy made a meal of it, but by the letter of the law it was a sending off offence.What angered me most was the blatant handball which led to their goal in which just about the whole of the ground saw except the ref and East stand Lino who were about 15 yards away .The guy basically controlled it with his thigh and arm and in one movement enabled him to turn and shoot,If the ball hadnt hit his arm it would have probably run away from him.
Bradford were quite cynical and physical team who will unfortunately do well in this League and it was hard enough trying to beat them without the added problem of crap ref and Lino. Referees decisions are so important in tight games and unfortunately we were on the wrong end this time .Lets hope we get a fairer decision on Monday.
Pooch .

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  Sports personality of the Year 2014
Posted by: Lord Snooty - 14-12-2014, 00:56 - Forum: Other...... - Replies (11)

[Image: _79239362_index-image-grid-vers2_624.jpg]

It's Sunday night at 8. There are 12 contenders. Well two really, Rory and Lewis. Who do we all fancy to win?

One question springs to mind immediately. WTF is Gareth Bale doing there?

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  Rangers 2-0 Livingston, 20/12/2014.
Posted by: Larry-AV - 14-12-2014, 00:04 - Forum: Rangers - Replies (13)

SPFL2 (Championship) Saturday 20/12/2014 : Rangers v Livingston, KO 15:00 hours.

Wiziwig Stream : Rangers v Livingston 20/12/2014 15:00 to 17:00

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  The new boys
Posted by: santasabaggie - 13-12-2014, 19:09 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - No Replies

A win for Mr Irvine, 3 points for the Baggies,enjoy lads it might be a long time till the next 3 points.Thought Varela had a decent game,ideye,not bad but could have done better if given the service.What a difference when Berahino came on..Thought we looked far more direct to-day,well done lads keep it up.Hope Irvine doesn't change the team to much next week.

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Rainbow Prediction League Week 14 Results!
Posted by: HarryJAllstarWBA - 13-12-2014, 00:43 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (20)

Sorry for being late!

Division one

This Week's Table

[Image: div_1_week.png]

The Overall Table

[Image: div_1_overall.png]

Luke Says:

"One of those Horror weeks, where it seems just about everyone does really bad!

Top of the top this week are both WAGB (We All Go Boing) and Bournemouth, both on +8. Bournemouth with 2 correct scores and a bonus ball, whilst WAGB gets points out of 6/10 games

Second are Beefy and Harry on +6, with Beefy with one more correct result, but harry with the second correct bonus ball of the week.

It was fine margins and fine balls this week, with everyone except 2 people (WAGB -6 and Struth -3) getting points from either 4 or 5 games. So how you used your balls was massively important!

Bottom this week on -2 is Joker, closeley followed by myself and struth on -1. not th eworse week for a minus, as the average was 2.6PPP

Me and Joker had points from 4 games, the same as Beefy and Bournemouth (tied second and third respectiveley) however, our balls weren't as effective!

A "Sorry" to Sanjay - who played his Insurance ball on the gamball, so I had to take that as a Gamball - and not use an insurance ball #Sorry! #RulesAreRules

Another mini shoutout to Bournemouth, who was the only chap to get 2 correct scores this week.

A shake up at the bottom of the table as WAGB (after missing a few weeks of predictions) claws back struth to make things interesting for the "bottom at christmas" hoodoo!

Till Next week, Boing Boing and Good Luck. Luke"

Division two

This Week's Table

[Image: div_2_week.png]

The Overall Table

[Image: div_2_overall.png]

Ska'd Says:

"Another tough week, another struggle to reach positive figures for many! Huggy tops the leaderboard with an outstanding 4 points, while BBB follows closely behind with the only brace of correct scores this week. The cruel finger of prediction fate, however, cursed Amelia whose brave prediction of a Stoke victory didn't come with the crucial gamball which would have added six points to her score for the week.

No real change in the overall table, but still all to play for! "

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Posted by: turkeydinner - 12-12-2014, 19:16 - Forum: Chelsea - Replies (1)

Ive been very critical of Chelsea

Like so many other people Man Citeh V Chelsea is just fantasy football with the fan of old not recognizing any young lad who came through the ranks-Joe Hart/James Milner and Gary Cahill/John Terry being the only real obvious starters for either side.

Chelsea for years have had an impressive academy and thankfully Jose acknowledged this


They still have far too many Foreign players at Chelski, my problem even more is the 17 or so out on loan so they arent even in the squad

Big spending on foreign players isnt going to last forever always prepare for the day it dosent, I`m very glad my club Man Utd continues to bring through players like Wilson, Mcnair, Blackett, Keane etc and hope the likes of man Citeh, Chelsea and the other clubs follow suit.

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