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  Remaining Games
Posted by: WillieJohnstonsGreenhouse - 11-04-2015, 14:49 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (45)

Well it's the arse-end of the season and time to have our annual look to see who's fighting to stay in the top flight.
After last season's bum-squeaker it looks a lot rosier for us this time around. Obviously not safe but if we can't get the points needed we deserve shooting.

Don't forget Newcastle could be easily be dragged into the equation.


3pm - Table and points total as of 11th April 2015.

West Brom        Sunderland                Villa                   Hull                         QPR                   Burnley           Leicester
 33pts                     29pts                       29pts                  28pts                        26pts                   26pts                 22pts

Leicester (H)         Palace (H)                 Spurs (A)              Southampton (A)     Chelsea (H)          Arsenal (H)         Albion (A)
Palace (A)             Stoke (H)                  Man City (A)         Palace (A)                 West Ham (H)      Everton (A)        Swansea (H)
Liverpool (H)        Southampton (H)      Everton (H)          Liverpool (H)            Liverpool (A)        Leicester (H)      Burnley (H)
Man Utd (A)         Everton (A)               West Ham (H)       Arsenal (H)               Man City (A)         West Ham (A)    Chelsea (H)
Newcastle (A)       Leicester (H)            Southampton (A)    Burnley (H)              Newcastle (H)       Hull (A)              Newcastle (H)
Chelsea (H)          Arsenal (A)                Burnley (H)           Spurs (A)                  Leicester (A)         Stoke (H)           Southampton (H)
Arsenal (A)           Chelsea (A)                                            Man Utd (H)                                         Villa (A)             Sunderland (A)
                                                                                                                                                                             QPR (H)     

Any statisticians out there? Some real 6 pointers in the mix. My head hurts trying to work out the possibilities and permutations.  

5pm-I'll get my gun

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  Ray Treacy RIP
Posted by: WillieJohnstonsGreenhouse - 11-04-2015, 13:59 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (5)

Sad news on Astle day that Ray Treacy has passed away.
 Peace dove RIP Ray.

THE Club was saddened to hear of the passing of Ray Treacy last night, aged 68, following a short illness.

Read more at http://www.wba.co.uk/news/article/west-b...DRtSFUt.99

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Rainbow Prediction League Week 25 RESULTS!!
Posted by: TheFunkyJoker - 11-04-2015, 00:25 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (9)

FAO Bomber:  I have taken into account the mistake I made last week and marked accordingly Thumb up

Division one

This Week's Table

[Image: PL05_zps3jvtxlj9.png]

The Overall Table

[Image: PL06_zpssyeh6eyc.png]

Luke Says:

"A quick whistle stop tour this week, as Albion get whomped (New word?) by QPR, and a plethora of stunning goals grace the prem.
We start at the top as ever, with Zinman grabbing one of 3 correct Gamball's and 6/10 games right with an impressive +27
Second with another Smack on Gamball is Ska'd - +24 and tied third is myself (having marked myself wrong for the Arsenal game being 15 minutes late!) and Derby, who gets +18 with me without a correct Gamball.
Bottom this week (But avoiding the negatives!) is Twerton on +1, with 1996 and Struth, having generally poor weeks, and well under the average of 9.7 Points per player.
The Gamball was a mixed bag this week with a 60/40 split, and as mentioned - 3 correct this week, and only one correct bonus ball (Tidy, on his 1 correct score!)
Mini congratz to Beefy and Joker, the only predictors to get 2 correct scores this week.
No Predictions from Reebok this week - get back on it!!

Till next week, Boing Boing and Good Luck. Luke

Division two
This Week's Table

[Image: PL07_zpstquwu0tn.png]

The Overall Table

[Image: PL08_zpsh9lan6ze.png]

Ska'd Says:

"An intriguing week, with Tom's +16 gamball putting him top of the leaderboard and Amelia making a triumphant return on the back of 2-1 home win predictions across the board.

What does it mean for the promotion race?  Bomber remains comfortably top of the table and favourite for the title, though his pace has noticeably slowed in recent weeks.  A good week for SBG lets him reclaim 2nd from BBB, who slips into 3rd.  Below that, Tom's correct gamball stops the rot for him and puts him right back in the mix, with St Charles losing that hard-fought 6th spot for now.

Take care, and gamball very carefully in the coming weeks!

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  Sterling`s Contract
Posted by: turkeydinner - 10-04-2015, 20:51 - Forum: Liverpool - No Replies

Seriously is this the bore story of the moment or what?

Have to be honest in saying he`s a special player for England and Liverpool,
if its a no to Liverpool then he could easily end up in the reserves at Citeh, Chelski or Real as he wouldnt play every week as he does now

If its a yes or a forced yes, thank God as its the biggest bore since the Taylor Report

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  Ritchie Benaud dies, aged 84.
Posted by: St Charles Owl - 10-04-2015, 06:39 - Forum: Cricket - Replies (6)

Sad news today that Richie Benaud died today aged 84. I grew up listening to him on tv commentating on Test cricket in the UK, even though he was an Aussie, he was a great commentator!! RIP Ritchie.


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  Match Thread v Charlton
Posted by: St Charles Owl - 10-04-2015, 00:31 - Forum: Sheffield Wednesday - Replies (157)


Well what can you say about the last game?? Angry  For me very little as I wasn't able to listen to it and haven't seen any highlights at all!! Thumb up  By all accounts it was bad though, insipid would probably be a good word to use, but you can pick your derogatory adjective and simple insert it!!

Here is the video if you want to watch it!!


God I wish this season was already over and we can start moving on to bigger and better things!!  On top of that feeling we now have a home game against probably the most boring team in the division.  There really is nothing attractive about playing Charlton but I assume those who can make it will do so and the rest of us will be subjected to it on WW and on here!! Doh

This will be the 54th meeting between the teams and our record is W20 D14 L19, so we do have a slight edge against them. Their form has been up and down all season, sort of win 2, lose 2 all the way!!  Over the last 10 meetings we have W2, D4, L4, including no wins in the last 4 against them, so its time we got one of those back!!

Earlier in the season we fought out a 1-1 draw, a game that saw Royston Drenthe score a cracker from the edge of the box.  Was that his only goal for us??


For me the only real classic against Charlton was back in January 1983 when we beat them 5-4 in a crazy game, but I cannot find any video of that.  I did however find a video of the home game the following season when we beat them 4-1.  Goals from Gary Bannister, Peter Shirtliffe, Tony Cunningham and a sublime chip by Imre Varadi sealed a nice win.  Ronnie Moore scored for them.  I think I will send a copy of this video to SG just to show that good football can actually be played on a bad pitch!!!  The pitch of this game was as bad as I can remember seeing and looks much worse than the one today!!!


Each game I will post the links to the websites anyone mentions on the thread.  That way its easier to find the potential threads rather than scrolling through all the posts on the thread to find the ones where a link is posted.  Lets see how ths works.

Cricfree Football - stole this one from Larry on the Rangers board.
http://pilkalive.weebly.com - this one was mentioned  on the WBA forum.
http://fırstrowsports.eu - the old favorite that tends not to work as well as it used to!!


Assts : Robert Atkin and Helen Byrne
Fourth Official : Scott Duncan

MS will hopefully give us the skinny on this guy in previous Owls games!!


OWLS -    Big GrinUndecidedAngryBig GrinUndecidedAngry       
CHARLTON -    Big GrinAngryBig GrinBig GrinAngryUndecided


Derby v Brentford
Birmingham v Wolves
Bolton v Norwich
Middlesbrough v Rotherham
Millwall v Watford

All games affecting the teams at the top.


Still no sign of trying anything new, so I am following SGs lead and the team below is what I said it would be last time!! Whistle

Virmijl Lees Zayette Mattock
Isgrove McGugan Hutchinson Lee
May Bus


Owlkev    SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass
Southey   SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass
Wereham     SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass
Offshore    SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass
Stateside  SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass  
St Charles  SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass  
Pei        SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass
Imre    SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass
Maddix    SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass
Thurnscoe  SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass
Bottesford  SmartassSmartassSmartassSmartass
Owlshighgreen   SmartassSmartassSmartass
Towinjustonce    SmartassSmartassSmartass
Madsteve  SmartassSmartassSmartass
Kimmy      SmartassSmartass
Washington  SmartassSmartass
A57  SmartassSmartass
Chezzie    Smartass
Daffodils   Smartass   
BBB  Smartass 


Attendance this week, I believe this game has some sort of 10 quid offer attached to it and I think it will need it as well!!!  As a bonus please predict how many corners will the game see in total, copying is allowed.


19,391 - St Charles
19,666 - Imre
19,997 - Madsteve
20,202 - Towinjustonce
20,456 - Washington
20,900 - Stateside
21,150 - A57
21,450 - Thurnscoe
21,981 - Maddix
22,222 - Owlkev
23,200 - Southey Smartass
23,257 - Actual Atttendance
24,000 - Owlshighgreen


6 - Towinjustonce
7 - Madsteve, Maddix
8 - Washington, Southey
9 - A57 Smartass
11 - St Charles, Owlkev, Owlshighgreen
12 - Stateside
14 - Thurnscoe
16 - Imre


AAAHA - Stateside
DAAHA - Southey, A57 Smartass
DAAHD - Thurnscoe
DDHAD - Owlshighgreen
DHAHA - Actual Results
HAAHA - Washington, Owlkev
HAHAH - Imre
HDAHA - Madsteve, Towinjustonce, Maddix
HDAHH - St Charles

Well Maddix said it wasn't easy!!  Smartass for getting 4 results right and  Smartass  Smartass for getting all 5 correct, so if Owlkev is to be caught in the final 7 games someone is going to have to get all 5 right at some point!!


I am letting SG out on parole for this one on the orders of DC so that he can prove himself or hang himself!!!

Time for DJ to be brought back in here for this game, its not as if he has anything else to do anyway!! Doh

All others are out on bail!!

[Image: THE-MUPPETS-008.jpg]


It would appear our new owner is not only a rich guy but treats his employees well!!  Here is a photo of hard working fisherwomen taking a well earned break!!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTuc4DgaILcHtX83eawQI9...ueAbKfsHK3]


The nice little video version is back, so hopefully she can writhe in ecstasy watching us win this one!!

[Image: 43406-Kate-Beckinsdale-sexy-Esquire-n1Wb.gif]

This thread awaits the Meggo of Statesides choice  Thumb up

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  Rangers 4-0 Raith Rovers, 12/04/2015.
Posted by: Larry-AV - 09-04-2015, 23:54 - Forum: Rangers - Replies (21)

SPFL2 (Championship) Sunday, 12/04/2015 : Rangers v Raith Rovers, KO 15:00 hours.

We go again, hopefully proving that the defeat at QOS was 'just a blip'.

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  Hibs v Hearts - 12/04/15
Posted by: ritchiebaby - 09-04-2015, 23:04 - Forum: Hibernian - Replies (10)

The last Edinburgh derby arrives on Sunday at 2.15pm. The game is live on Sky Sports for those of you lucky (?) enough to be giving your hard-earned cash to Rupert. Hibs have one more chance to take 3 points off Hearts and lift their haul against them to 5 points, which would be fully deserved over the play in the 3 games so far.

Hearts had a slight wobble against Rangers, but got back on track last night against Alloa. They are still the team to measure yourself against and Hibs have done well against them so far, probably deserving better results than they got. The Jambos will be fired up for this one, as they should be, and have the players to damage a fragile defence.

Hibs defence have been reasonably good, but have the ability to do something stupid, usually through a lack of concentration. Oxley can be suspect under pressure and I'm certain Hearts will be bombarding him at free-kicks and corners. Hibs biggest problem recently has been the midfield being outnumbered and outfought. Subsequently our attack has been under pressure and although there has been numerous goal attempts, all our potential scorers have struggled to find the target.

The other top six teams also play against each other on Sunday, so there's plenty of room for more upsets - thrills and spills all the way to the end of the season. Queen of the South play Falkirk and Rangers play Raith Rovers.

My Hibs team for a game that might be vital to Hibs play-off place chances:-

Cerny (although I think Alan Stubbs will stick with Oxley)
Forster, Hanlon, Fontaine, Stevenson,
Stanton, McGeouch, Robertson, Allan,
Cummings, El Alagui

Subs - Watson, Fyvie, Dja Djedje.

Malonga might be fine for Dumbarton away, but not for a home derby. He would be odds on to attract all the boos after any slight mistake and that must be bad for the team, as Hearts would thrive on the negativity.

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Posted by: SHEP_HTAFC - 09-04-2015, 19:41 - Forum: Huddersfield Town - Replies (23)


[Image: 217682c75768690b60c4d87673afb134d3e70e8c.jpg]


This game is dangerously close to being a "means nowt to either team" game....or a nothing to play for game in other words.

Forest sit 13 points off the last play off position, with only 15 points to play for. Town sit 12 points clear of the last relegation position, with only a possible 18 points available to Millwall. However with only 8 wins all season, Millwall would need to win at least 4 of the remaining 6 games to stand any chance.

So it sounds like this is a meaningless game..... for the supporters. 
But you'd be wrong for the managers and players of both clubs to think the same. 

The Forest manager Dougie Freedman is close to signing a new contract extension, and will want to finish as strongly as possible for the remaining games this season. He has some tough choices to make in the summer as Forest need to trim their squad due to their wage bill - a whopping £24M. So players will be fighting for their place next season which is further complicated by the fact they will only be able to sign free transfers and loan players due to being naughty with FFP.

And for Town's manager Chris Powell, this is a chance to blood a few of the youngsters, try different attacking formations away from home, and generally see where he needs to make improvements for next season.
We all know we need additions to our squad, but where? Who else might go in the summer after the mass exodus in January?

Town come into this game after a fantastic performance and result against a promotion chasing Ipswich on Easter Monday. A deserved 2-1 home victory was gained with goals from Wells and Vaughan. This followed a game only 48 hours previously away at Sheff Wed, a creditable 1-1 draw with Miller getting Towns' goal. 

Forest come into this game after a dodgy recent set of results. Their last 7 games has only resulted in 2 wins, however one of those was an impressive home win v Middlesborough


On injuries, he says: "Jonathan Hogg has trained for the first time with the group today and he has done a lot of work with the fitness guys. He is a bit of a Duracell and he looks fine which is pleasing"

Powell on games left: "We are still not mathematically right but those four points will help us in our quest to survive.

"It is huge for the strikers because they know they are judged on it but for all three of them to score and play the way they did.
"James and Nahki can play together. Ishmael is a different type, he wants to carry the ball and be positive so the Easter period was very good.

Powell on Oscar Gobern: "He is in my plans right now because I have had 17 senior players and adding young Duane Holmes so we are smaller as a squad, we know that.

"When I first came in, we had a bigger number but you want them to contribute so you need a bit of a balance.
"Oscar has done very well for me, he has had some cameos and has looked good, he has balance, good stature and is not afraid to make a tackle.
"I understand it hasn't worked for him here and I allowed him to go out on loan but moving forward it is up for debate and it is something we will discuss, like a few other players."

Powell on the younger players: "I have to initially because some previous games did not go our way.
"I have had to get round them and be positive and my skipper has led from the front, on one hand you can put a young player in because they won't feel the pressure but the timing has to be right.
"We have two away games and we want to get as many points as we can but we have two good home games but I am sure there will be a time when I will be able to look at one or two of those players."

Powell says he is Huddersfield Town manager and is planning for next year.
"I am trying to make us consistent, I am settled in the area but no I can't stop them saying things on there but I can categorically say I am here and have pre-season more or less sewn up.
"I want us to change and next year will be even tougher with the three sides coming down and Bristol City, Preston and maybe Sheffield United coming up, so it will be harder for us."

Powell says he is planning for the transfer window and hopes to get plans laid in place with regards to potential signings before the season ends.


Town almost have a fully fit squad to choose from. Ishmael Miller is available, as is Hogg. 
Bunn is still not available however.
You can't change a winning team though. Stick with the side that impressively beat Ipswich:-





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  Bristol City @ Deepdale 11/4/2015
Posted by: themaclad - 09-04-2015, 16:04 - Forum: Preston North End - Replies (5)

Well it's time for the big one, the clash of the top two in League 1, City looking for points to give them automatic whilst the home sides are also looking for automatic and the title. City moved 8 points clear of the Whites with a 3-0 over an interesting Swindon side who mixed beauty with the beast in Tuesday nights game.
Defeats have been rare for the Robins although they lost to us at Ashton Gate earlier in the season, Cotterill could not believe the result as apparently they dominated. You can dominate all you like Steve idea is to put ball in the net and you did not. Suspect he will want revenge but will he get it though.
Huntington probably doubtful after Mondays win at Bradford, otherwise full squad to pick from, a win would be super as it would cheese MKD off even more. Tough one to call but will be a special match hopefully to be replayed in the Championship next season.

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