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Exclamation Gareth Barry !!
Posted by: Beefy 1965 - 18-04-2019, 14:36 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (2)


Gareth Barry has been ruled out for rest of the season. Requires surgery on his knee injury #wba

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  WBA Easter Thread
Posted by: Ska'dForLife-WBA - 18-04-2019, 08:00 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (24)

[Image: WBAHull.jpg]

If only we could discuss poaching the manager of every team we play against between now and season's end, we could repeat our comfortable victory over Preston time and again. Sadly, it's unlikely to be that easy as we head into the traditional Championship Easter double-header with Hull at home on Good Friday, and a trip to Reading on Easter Monday.

Irrespective of other results, two wins would mathematically seal our place in the playoffs, but the points aren't likely to come easy. Hull still have an outside chance of making the post-season party themselves, and will be looking for a scalp on Friday afternoon; Reading are battling relegation, with an equal need and desire for points, and the added comfort of knowing that we've never beaten them at the Madejski Stadium. There's never been a better time to put that miserable record to bed: in the absence of a new manager, the very least we need is momentum in these coming weeks.

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  Terriers v Hornets 20 April 2019
Posted by: theo_luddite - 17-04-2019, 23:04 - Forum: Huddersfield Town - Replies (19)

[Image: Mmsq0fRdhHJvo0AR6znGvUwGO1_jou2wOmgGKIB-...37-h160-no]

15:00 UK Summer Time
McGalphSmiths Farm
The Big Blue Stadium
With Premier League Floodlights
(We can turn some of them off next season)
HD1 Just off Leeds Road, t'other side o' t'River Colne.


[Image: GettyImages-1137429672.jpg?strip=all&w=960&quality=100]


Troy Deeney showed some of his other sporting abilities with a running forearm smash to the head of Lucas Torreira on Monday night.
That got him a red card and a 3 match suspension, so he misses this one. Don't forget to update your predictions folks.  Smartass
So, does that hint at where his future might lie when his current deal runs out?

WFC - sign another contract with Watford Football Club?
WWF - sign a pro-contract with the Watford Wrestling Federation?
WTF - apparently muttered by Lucas Torreira as he fell to the floor in the 11th minute of Monday's game.

Apparently trying to appeal the decision according to some news outlets - which could get him the rest of the league season off if it fails.
Meanwhile Watford have announced a new initiative.


Somehow I don't think Mr. Deeney will be the poster boy for this one this side of the Summer transfer window.  Tongue

Right, got that off me chest, now how about the football?


To say the end of this season has fizzled out into a roaring disappointment is at best an understatement. We all know the main reason why and it's in the goals for column. That said, our once usually difficult to beat defense has 'mailed a few in' recently too.

Not sure if they are chewing wasps or hornets, the look on their faces might tell us more if we could see them, but Martin from Wakefield is getting a lot of flack from some sections of the Town support, including columns in the Unexamined by a former not particularly brilliant Town goalie and now hairdresser of the parish.

To be fair, he's only getting the flack that Herr Wagner would have been getting because, and I said it around the time this season was starting, 'my only problem with the way Wagner has us play is the lack of goals' or words to that effect. We've now added lack of defense to that too. We do try to attack the oppo's penalty box a tad more, but we still don't know what to do when we get there, except for the first 75 minutes at West Ham.

The good news

We're on a sequence of 0 goals, some goals, 0 goals some (a) goal(s). This weekend is a 'some goals' match, though if we play like we did at Watford earlier in the season, we'll break that sequence too. (If that's good what's the bad look like?)

The indifferent news

Any faint hope we might have had of finishing 2nd bottom all but disappeared in a puff of goals over the last few days. Fulham beat those useless Blue Scousers 2-0 and with Cardiff beating the other Blue 'n' White Stripes 0-2 in the big car park with another big Blue Stadium in it at Falmer, it only served to confirm roughly where we might have been with even a mediocre offense rather than a non-existent one. We all know what we did at Spuds brand spanking new over-priced and horrendously late but exceedingly flash and did I say brand spanking expensive new stadium last weekend, so we don't need too many reminders.

Still, we've always got the sanctuary of the Chumpionship next season

The bad news

I'll be watching this on Sportsnet One with a big mug or two of
[Image: pzJf7cV00uJH6d2YLJuVmIg_ikd-gmKT9Nk37OtZ...87-h460-no]

and a Bacon and Egg Butty, or maybe a couple of these to help wash the coffee down.

[Image: i_HTI0EVDMglGwvCVDD5f3O7Ujg3-AO-_st2Tg3s...57-h511-no]

I won't get a
[Image: rousse-dark-main.jpg]
to numb the pain until well after the final whistle blows.

I Guess That's Why They Call Us The Blues.
(I did enough Elton Bogg puns last time - first and last one this time).

One thing's for sure, before we kick off next season ....

How are they doing?

Well, apart from the 3rd Round, when they made loads of changes, they've played nigh on full strength sides and made a seriously good fist of The FA Cup this season. Having come back from the dead to beat Wolves 3-2 after extra time in the semi-final, they will be red hot favourites to watch the Blue Mancs run round Wemberlee with the Cup. Having said that, City have previous of grabbing a defeat from what should be a walk-over victory in the Cup Final.

[Image: dQdOO1c8cv2y5kqAGLg8cgjWCz8nsq4dtV-kDiwp...10-h245-no]

In the league they've lost both games against the Blue Mancs, 2-1 at home and 3-1 away. Deeney might just get away with being back for that one.

Apart from that, they've rarely been out of the top 10 and are hanging on to mid-table mediocrity with some aplomb.
[Image: jC0vfOFCNtWV0Y63rwLKy953P_LqIJCPTUdjjxpp...81-h466-no]

Form is sooooooo over-rated : Whistle

[Image: MQpXrmVtho5WcCIBHEpXy7bkQK89-zPteHfgH5_x...81-h614-no]

Who's banging 'em in?

Apart from said Mr. Deeney? They spread 'em around a bit.

[Image: oXAr56PYxo47Wp5y3ip63UGpkOoa37qmWJDwpWyG...17-h576-no]

New faces and Exiteers

The brass they got for Richarlison, from those afore mentioned Blue Scousers, was wisely invested in a young chap from Barcelona who has bagged a few in return.

[Image: sNC0hxRG_QMBz6KLv-kAzvtAPHKVXGBTOpE8_isz...14-h453-no]

[Image: 4m1z9WbSZQixdr9hhLxPdhKlvE2FIunet8uPl2OO...16-h447-no]

We've played 'em before

It's a rare season when we don't got some points from fixtures against Watford, thought it's a rare season when we play them these days.
Just a hunch, as Quasimodo once said, but I would not be surprised if we get nowt this season.
(Might be considered a hot tip that one, but don't bet too much on it. I wouldn't want you to get burned).

[Image: MNkcTtMHOcROvV_l3v4CrzGluvv7ntPnKdNsoyyA...28-h665-no]

Last time out

[Image: TaSIbh6hEVa1r5UKro5ZCujhSWDO1YlZL77tMjfS...83-h364-no]

[Image: j42MccUuiVS5t8GhELRrxZ-4hyjh06vCFGG_a-36...81-h367-no]

Can they all lose?

Nope, but they can't all win either, but I'll bet everyone is sat in their seat 5-10 minutes before kick-off at the Emptihad for their game if Wednesday night's Chumpions League game is repeated in any form.

[Image: 5i5MX8Uj-Gcaq_iv32YPWJ-YNb_S8EThSZTv78nm...79-h353-no]

On the tellybox?

If like me, you're sat on a sofa in a far off land on Saturday (or whatever day it is in your part of the world) check here. It's not live on the tellybox in the good old UK, unless you can convince your IP Address provider you're actually somewhere else other than your mum's attic and stream one of these feeds.


Siewert's Slaver

It's a bit early for the pressers, so I might be in the airport departure lounge when I post this bit or even on the other side of the pond by the time I track anything down. Whatever he comes out with - you'll probably watch, hear or read it somewhere else before you read it here.  Laugh

Radio Local have posted their pressers early for a change


Watford's Waffle

Happy Easter folks, don't pig out on the choccy eggs too much.

[Image: d82aaa3a-b691-46a4-a721-4465d2beab92._SR300,300_.jpg]

Here's to next season - this thread needs another musical interlude to help get us over this one.

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  Change Of Name
Posted by: Arcane Astral Aeons - 17-04-2019, 17:30 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (12)

it`s still good old me
did say a few weeks ago i would change my name
hope it`s ok to continue posting using this new name

many thanks

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  Preston North End v Ipswich Town Deepdale 19/5/2019
Posted by: themaclad - 17-04-2019, 15:33 - Forum: Preston North End - Replies (3)

After the chaos of last week with the would he go or would he stay, the announcement that Alex Neil had signed a new three year deal with us came as a surprise to many. The preparations for Friday's game against Ipswich will have been normnal although the list of injuries that we have will have narrowed down the choices for who actually plays, still think Browne should be rested given he rupture ligaments and was favouring his ankle at the Albion last weekend.
Time for the team to pick up some bronie points after the what really was a shambles last week and who should rock up be the new;ly relegated Tractor Boys.
To say this season has been an unmitigated disaster for them is an understatement and to make it worse there localish rivals Norwich are also seemingly heading out of the League albeit into the Premiership.
They started off with Paul Hurst as manager potted him when they realised they were about to play us and then appointed Paul Lambert who in successive seasons has been in charge of teams that have gone down although to be fair to the happy Scot the damaged had been done long before he arrived.
He signed some experience to try and get them out of the mire however relegation seemed a certainty since just after Christmas.
They also have a lot of injuries suspect a very youthful side against us on Friday

Team News: Ipswich Town

Manager Alex Neil is still without Ben Pearson, who sits out the second of the three game suspension he picked up for his red card against Leeds United.

He joins the extensive list of players unavailable to the North End boss, with almost a whole team out for the season due to their respective injuries.

Billy Bodin and Josh Harrop (both ACL) have missed the majority of the season and have been joined in the treatment room in recent weeks by Tom Barkhuizen (knee), Andrew Hughes (hamstring) and Brad Potts (knee).

Skipper Tom Clarke (knee) and goalkeeper Connor Ripley (ankle) have also been on the sidelines in recent weeks, plus Manchester City loanee Brandon Barker, who ended his season with a hamstring strain against Reading.

The PNE boss did suggest at his pre-match press conference that the likes of Josh Ginnelly – who was given his debut at West Bromwich Albion last weekend – and Joe Rafferty could be given an opportunity to impress during the final four games of the season.

Midfielder Jon Nolan (Achilles) will be monitored by visiting boss Paul Lambert, whilst former North End loanee Will Keane (hamstring) and forward Ellis Harrison (back) both continue their rehabilitation.

Tom Adeyemi made his long-awaited return from injury in the Tractor Boys’ U23s game against Nottingham Forest on Tuesday night and could be included with the first team for the first time since joining last summer.

Emyr Huws, Freddie Sears, Grant Ward (all knee), and Jack Lankester (back) are all definitely out for the Suffolk side ahead of their long Bank Holiday trip to the north west.

Ref Watch: Ipswich Town

For the third time this season, but the first at Deepdale North End will have Steve Martin as the match official for a game when we face Paul Lambert’s Ipswich Town on Good Friday.
The experienced ref was in charge of the Lilywhites 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest in December, when Louis Moult scored the only goal of the game and then the trip to Millwall earlier this year, when we came away with a 3-1 victory at the Den.

Last season we saw the referee twice, the home game against Hull City in February and the away game at Wolves back in October 2017.

The 2016/17 campaign he took charge of three North End games, having been the man with the whistle of our home win over Cardiff City in September 2016, our away win at Norwich City in October and the 1-1 home draw with Ipswich Town in January 2017 – so he has done this fixture before!

The 3-0 win over the Bluebirds was his first clash at Deepdale since the EFL Cup second round victory over Watford in 2015/16, when Marnick Vermijl’s goal won the tie for the Lilywhites.
He also officiated PNE in March 2013 when we drew 0-0 with Leyton Orient. He also, however, refereed North End twice after then on the road – red cards being produced in both encounters.

He sent off Oldham Athletic’s Johnson Clarke-Harris when the Lilywhites beat the Latics 3-1 at Boundary Park in March 2014. And he was also the man in the middle when PNE made the long journey to Havant & Waterlooville in the FA Cup in 2014/15, sending off two Havant players in the live televised match as PNE swept their non-league opponents aside 3-0 thanks to Callum Robinson’s hat-trick.

This weekend his team will see him assisted by Jonathan Hunt and Mark Jones, whilst the fourth official will be Ollie Yates. This will be Stephen’s 32nd game of the season, having issued 80 yellow cards and three reds, his last game being Reading’s 2-1 home win over Brentford last Saturday.

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  Norwich v The Owls SBC Match Thread
Posted by: Owlkev71 - 17-04-2019, 13:40 - Forum: Sheffield Wednesday - Replies (56)



[Image: Norwich_City.svg] v [Image: c8f0e1f02feea03b72811b4b50c0f4c0--britis...nesday.jpg]


We did OK for half an hour, but Leeds dominated the last hour and would have won by more than the 1-0 scoreline if not for some top class keeping from Westwood. Westwood made two quality saves while Hooper shot into the side netting and Bannan had a shot saved in that half hour. We got to halftime still level although Reach had to go off injured. Leeds started the 2nd half as they finished the first creating a number of chances but Westwood kept them out until Harrison diverted a cross in. We had a couple of half chances near the end but didn't deserve anything from the game.


Next up and a trip to the leaders. They battered us 0-4 at Hillsborough earlier in the season when Dross was in charge who should have been sacked there & then. They have drawn there last two but still seem destined to get promoted to the Premier League. Our season is still alive  but defeat on Friday and other results going against us should put our season to bed and onto the more important stuff of who we get rid of at the end of the season.


OWLS               -                Angry  Big Grin  Angry  Confused  Big Grin Big Grin

NORW              -                Confused  Confused  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin


Assistants: Nick Greenhalgh and James Mainwaring
Fourth Official: Robert Jones


Please Aarons, be fit, another game watching Boyd playing for the first team and we all might slit our wrists. Will Reach be available? Will Lazaar start? Will Iorfa be back? Which duo up front?

If everyone is fit:
Iorfa Lees Hector Lazaar
Reach Bannan Hutch Aarons
Fletcher Hooper


3-1 Hooper




Washington  22
SCO  22
Peiowl  15
Imre  13
Owlkev 13
Wereham  12
Southey  9
Stateside  8
Maddix  1


Bolton v Villa
Leeds v Wigan
Preston v Ipswich
Swansea v Rotherham
WBA v Hull

AHHHH - Owlkev


[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=7264048]


[Image: iypski5vqnrtadp4tw17.jpg]
[Image: Kate1.jpg]
[Image: rs_600x600-170411105514-634-kate-beckins...quality=90]

One for Washington Big Grin

[Image: tenor_(23).gif.3c925357901b17f362d244cf49410d62.gif]

The thread awaits the Meggo of Statesides choice.[/b]

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  Ajax Amsterdam - a "breath of fresh air" for Euro footie BUT...
Posted by: 0762 - 17-04-2019, 12:13 - Forum: Champions League - Replies (6)

Great to see a young Ajax team deservedly winning 1-2 in Turin to qualify for the CL semi-final and how refreshing to see such a young side playing with no fear. BUT I recall about 24 years ago a young Ajax team beat Milan 1-0 in the Euro Cup final before they were raided!! Van der Saar, Reiziger, Rijkaard, Davids, the de Boer bros and others!! I wonder if the same thing will happen again!! i.e. the rich clubs buy out any lesser opponents whose fans become disillusioned and apathetic again after witnessing the potential rise of a great Euro side!! The price of success!?
Lastly, it is a pity that they have such a cretinous fan support within their fan base that takes away some of the "gloss" from their footie achievements!! They are now lined up to take on an English Premiership team, Spurs or Man City, and that is gonna prove to be one massive security risk with such high stakes "on the line"!! Certain fans carrying swords and machetes in Italy? Scary stuff that should not be associated with the sport of soccer!! Thumb down

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Posted by: silverbaggie - 17-04-2019, 08:32 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (3)

Just wondering if anything has been pre-agreed between ourselves and the Toon regarding the Rondon and Gayle situation when the loan moves expire at the end of the season.

From what I've read Rondon is well thought of up there  and Gayle has scored some important goals for us and seems better suited to the Championship.

Do we automatically swap players back during the close season or are there option to buy clauses in place?

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Posted by: WBA-Josh - 16-04-2019, 23:18 - Forum: West Bromwich Albion - Replies (4)

First beat Real Madrid and have now beaten Juventus. Into the semis they go with their exciting young side.

I’ve fallen in love with this club all over again.

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  Chesterfield Predication League 2018/2019 Matchday 49
Posted by: spireitematt - 16-04-2019, 22:25 - Forum: Chesterfield - Replies (12)

If you do your predictions after these specified times, they will not be accepted.

Weekend games 12 pm
Midweek games 7:30 pm

Just a reminder that you can use your  Laugh  on any fixture, but its not compulsory!! Get it right and you will score double points but getting it wrong will result in -2 points, so the reward and risk are there for all!!

League Table after Matchday 48

SaltergateBorn = 588
Devon = 584
Amelia = 580  
St Charles = 569
Dancing = 566 
Lord Snoots = 540
Spireitematt = 536

AFC Fylde 0-1 Barnet
Boreham Wood 1-1 Salford City
Bromley 0-2 Solihull Moors
Dagenham & Redbridge 1-0 Eastleigh
Dover Athletic 0-1 Aldershot Town
Gateshead 1-2 Chesterfield
Hartlepool United 2-2 FC Halifax Town
Havant & Waterlooville 2-0 Ebbsfleet United
Leyton Orient 2-2 Harrogate Town
Maidenhead United 0-4 Barrow
Maidstone United 4-4 Braintree Town
Wrexham 2-0 Sutton United

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