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Full Version: Berra sidelined for over 6 months - that's what can happen when you grow long grass!!
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Catches his studs on a lush turf and hey presto - TWANGG!!! A big loss for Hearts to lose their talismanic defender but, by gum, there is a certain irony that Levein's smart erse ploy to "keep the pitch grass long" AGAIN has well n truly backfired in his face.
Mind they dont put too much sand on the corners for the Forwards to trip over either, why do they insist on hoofball so much at Hearts? I cant remember when they ever played a slick passing game
To answer that question, one word TD - LEVEIN!
The xxxx about they have done with the pitch, and the daft wee jokes levein and co made about it has came back to bite them in the arse.

I feel sorry for berra though.
Oh aye! That is a nasty, painful injury and can say that with qualification and I'm only refering to personal experience of a pulled hamstring! The nagging pain is not funny!
Gotta say as well potters comments about dundee utd nearly ruining souttar's career by playing him out of position were totally unnecessary (and incorrect on the main). Of course he's entitled to his opinion but utd have predictably pushed back on that since to protect themselves and levein drags in the player with a "John mentioned to me in the afternoon that Dundee United put the Statement out that he wholeheartedly backed up every word I said."

Just really classless,shitty behaviour.
My initial thoughts re these needless and stupid remarks were that surely the "manager(s) of that specific period" was far more accountable than the relative footie club itself if this was an issue at all.