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Full Version: Celtic 4 : 0 Hearts, next up Sevco
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Despite what has been written on this forum and elsewhere I thought Hearts were still in it whilst it stayed 1:0 . They had a couple of great chances to draw level and if the luck had gone their way, who knows. OK the wheels came off in the last ten minutes after the second goal but considering they had a number of new players for 80 minutes not too bad and the final score flattered the soapies.

It will be interesting to see how this agenda of getting loan and short term players pans out for them. It certainly didn't really work for us a few years ago but obviously Levein has decided this is the way to go.
Funny how we see games differently.

For me hertz tried to play a pressing game high up the park that didnae work once celtics full backs got going,and they had no plan B whatsoever then ran out of steam late on. Its a very timid and uncreative hertz team at the moment. If rogic,dembele or griffiths had played they would have put 6 or 7 past them easy.

That said its the next 2 games that really count for cathro. He must be feeling the pressure a bit now,results have been atrocious. Trying to build a team like this in january is absolutely nuts.

Also what happened to the other thread ?
Aye Jim it is interesting to see how different people view games. I take a lot of what you were saying but still believe if ?Martin? had put the ball away when clean through to bring it back to 1:1 it would have been interesting. The games are always full of ifs and buts.   Thumb up  Gordon didn't look very good but didn't get punished.

Next up are sevco tomorrow night and it will be interesting to see how they respond especially the newcomers. Much about rebuilding now will depend on the attitude of the players. If they are trying to put themselves in the shop window for a bigger club to come in during the Summer they may give their all and if they gel may do well for the JT's.
Only time will tell. I was interested to hear what Fred said that Cathro has no say as to who comes in and just trains the players Levein chooses. I myself cannot see that being a recipe for success.

With sevco it is interesting that the guy they have to watch and stop is Miller. If you think how long ago he left us and where he has been since , like him or not, you have to admire his fitness at 37? and still knows how to find the net when given half a chance.

I see Ian Black has just been released by Shrewsbury but I suspect the only time he will be back at Tynecastle will be with his paintbrushes to do the new main stand when it is up.   Wink
Sevco don't score many goals,gives hertz a squeak if cathro can get them competing and organised properly. But its a big IF.
Re the 'Levein influence', there was an interesting discussion last mid week on bbc Sportsound that covered that very subject with their guest speaker, Billy Broon, concurring with the views of his big mate, Jim Jefferies, that this arrangement would never have worked or been allowed to affect the way that they wanted to manage any footie team's operations. That critical discussion provided another alternative way to progress without too much interference from 'on high'.