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Full Version: Hearts can they become a footballing force in Scotland.
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Discuss! There you go Fred it's easy to start a thread about your own club.
Fancy them to get 2nd spot behind sellick.
They are a footballing force in Scotland not become.
(16-09-2016, 17:11)hibeejim21 Wrote: [ -> ]Fancy them to get 2nd spot behind sellick.

They might well do but it's good to be watching top flight football.

Aberdeen are stick on favs for second, given their form last couple of seasons.
We beat them three times last season but some bad tactics from Robbie done us for second place.
Tae be honest Fred,i'd like tae see a challenge fae anybody for the title rather than the bigot brothers, and this season its just as likely tae be Hearts. Must admit i hate hearing clubs say theyed like tae finish 2nd behind celtic. Just f~ucking go for it. but,unfortunately, as long as we play each other 4 times a season celtic, wi' their squad, are stick ons
Paignton We have played so well against Celtic the last three times and got a measly point from them,we're trying hard but ultimately they just have to much in the locker and second is the realistic target
the trouble is anybody in the top 6 if they played celtic once home and away would reasonably expect 50% o' the points but over 4 times a season the bigger club should have the advantage. the current setup helped celtic, and, until the armagedon that didnae materialise,rangers, which is what the powers that be want . as i've said elsewhere before the current set up one of the two usually,not always, won the league but somebody else very often came between them and they didnae run away wi' it
I agree totally you might win won but there likely to win three the set up is/was for the the old firm
I didn't hear your clubs moaning about the revenue Rangers and Celtic brought with the extra home game. They can't have it both ways.
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