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Full Version: Hearts staying at Tynecastle
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Pretty positive news from Mrs Budge at Thursday's AGM regarding stadium redevelopment. Plan is to demolish main stand and build a new, modern facility which will accommodate facilities relating to the local community. Good news all round, even if us fans have to dip into our pockets once more. No problem for me doing that for my club.
Lidl etc will be devastated
Ha ha Fred. Very good. TBH, my season seat is in the main stand and has been for years. Love the old place but it is now time to move on with something a wee tad more modern. We'll be OK as long as bits dinnae fall from the roof during a game!
It has te be sorted sitting with a pillar in yer face is hopeless as much as it's the feature if the ground it has to go,end if the day no matter what's standing there it's still Tynecastle